These Are the Socks to Wear with Your Cropped Pants

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Having more or less lived my entire life in California I’ve developed a pretty strong aversion to socks. I know it sounds weird to people who live in places that have actual seasons, but, unless we’re working out, Californian women tend to go sockless.

Pumps, flats, brogues, booties, sneakers…all worn sans socks in sunny California. This presents quite a bit of confusion when we are forced to travel to cold climates. I remember the first time I visited my day job’s Minneapolis office in winter. How do women wear dress shoes when it’s seventeen below?

Fast forward a few years. Socks have moved beyond chilly-weather utilitarian wear and into the fashion mainstream. It’s cool to wear socks again, especially when paired with unconventional pieces like open-toe sandals and cropped jeans. I’m so loving this look.

But, what kind of socks do you wear with cropped pants? This is not the time or place for your gym-tastic Hanes ankle socks. I’ve done a bit of research and found three distinct frontrunners for the title of best socks to pair with cropped pants.

First up, classic white socks, upgraded. To get this look, it’s important to choose a sophisticated white sock, unless you enjoy looking like a second grader.

Loving This Week: Spring’s First Sandals + a Ball Chain Ring

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Farrow Sweater - Gabriela Artiagas Ring - Marni Sandals - Ganni Sweater - Massimo Dutti Dress

Is it too soon to buy new spring sandals? There’s this stunning pair of Marni sandals calling my name. From a more appropriate corner of the online shopping world, sweaters!

Take a look at all of my favorite new finds for this week…

1. Farrow Akari Sweater, $78.00
This wool blend sweater has a designer look at a mall store price. What’s not to love about that?

Coach Is Cool Again. These Bags Are Why.

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Stylish woman carrying Coach 1941 Rogue 36 Handbag

If you’re a follower of the Stiletto Jungle Twitter feed – and, really, you should be – you may have caught a Fortune article I shared earlier this week on the rebirth of the Coach brand. The crux of the article is that Coach is winning back its luxe reputation, and has the profits to prove it.

So, what happened to Coach? Fifteen years ago, it was an in-demand luxury brand. Then there was the proliferation of knock-offs, lower-quality direct-to-outlet bags, and markdowns. All hallmarks of an upscale brand in rapid decline. And decline it did.

After several years of slumping sales and being the subject of snarky fashion girl one-liners, Coach is back. They’ve got a stellar new spokesmodel in Selena Gomez, and a pricier runway-inspired collection – Coach 1941 – that’s selling like hotcakes.

So, how did Coach become cool again? According to Fortune, it was a multi-prong approach that included cutting back on the discounts and flash sales, removing itself from a quarter of the department stores where it was once sold, and refocusing on the up-market consumer. By all accounts, these are the bags that are leading the comeback.

Loving This Week: Sundry on Sale + a Chic Crochet Tank

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Sundry Sweatshirt - Coach Bracelet - Gap Tank - Want Les Essentials de la Vie Handbag - Everlane Pants

I’m feeling quite frugal this week. A luxe sweatshirt deeply discounted. A bargain-priced crochet tank. There’s a lot of affordable goodness here, balanced nicely by an investment-level handbag that will last for years, if not decades.

Check out all of my favorite online shopping finds for this week…

1. Sundry Distressed Fleece Sweatshirt, $29.97 (was $120.00)
Sundry sweatshirts are ridiculously soft and have a feminine slim fit that isn’t the least bit constricting. This price is just icing on the cake. It’s also available in navy blue and army green at this sale price.

Loving This Week: Chic Sweats + Easy Root Cover-Up

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J.Crew Blazer - Madewell Sweatpants - Bumble and bumble Color Stick - Valentino Pumps - French Connection Skirt

Madewell’s new leisure line caught my eye this week. It’s full of sleek loungewear basics, like sweatpants, sweatshirts, and leggings. I’m kind of in love with all of it.

In other shopping news, Bumble and bumble just came out with this root touch up stick for use between hair color appointments and it looks fabulous. Check out all of my favorite finds for this week…

1. J.Crew Merino Wool Sweater-Blazer, $138.00
The best-selling, and recently sold out, J.Crew sweater blazer is back in stock. Does it get any better than the ease of sweater combined with the instant pulled-together look of a blazer? I don’t think so. It’s available in heather dusk (shown here) and black, and both are selling quickly in smaller sizes.