Fall Splurge: The ‘Anonymous Luxury’ Bag

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This post is part of our ongoing series on the must-have fashion splurges for Fall 2016.

After the logo handbag mania of the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, there was bound to be a backlash.

From Gucci’s embroidered-G mini bags, to Dior’s ubiquitous saddle bags, to Fendi’s baguettes, we subjected ourselves to a lot of really obvious branding back in the day. I’m a little embarrassed remembering my own transgressions. I think the labels are a little embarrassed too. How else can you explain the rise of the virtually logo-free anonymous luxury handbag?

The sleek lines of an adornment-free black leather handbag are the ideal accompaniment to fall’s cozy sweaters and rich jewel tones. These are the best anonymous luxury handbag splurges for fall…

The Row’s Top Handle bag has all of the refinement of Céline’s Belt Bag, but in a slightly less often copied silhouette.

The Row Top Handle 14 Satchel

→ Buy The Row Top Handle 14 Satchel, $2,950.00, at saks.com; shipping is free.

Loving This Week: New Fall Boots + a Balenciaga Clutch

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Madewell Shirt - May Lindstrom Cleanser - Rag and Bone Boots - Balenciaga Clutch - J.Crew Jeans

I am definitely a fall and winter person. I love layers, and sweaters, and boots of all kinds. I find this time of year particularly frustrating because it’s still too hot to wear my favorite fall fashions, yet that is precisely what’s flooding the stores, tempting me with the cool-weather sartorial goodness.

So, a handful of new fall finds in this week’s post, plus a new denim silhouette from J.Crew that could be fabulous (or a flop, but I’m trying to remain positive). Check out all of my favorite online shopping finds for this week…

1. Madewell Oversized Ex-Boyfriend Shirt in Dot Scatter, $72.00
Less precious than your standard polka dots, this scattered dot pattern has a cool, relaxed vibe. My favorite button down in my closet right now is from Madewell. It machine washes like a dream and somehow always looks crisp right out of the dryer. No ironing needed. I’m eager to add another Madewell shirt to the mix. This one comes with an extra 25% off through 8/22 at 11:59 p.m. ET with code YESPLEASE.

Loving This Week: Bronde Shampoo + Best Ever Undereye Concealer

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OAK Shorts - M.Gemi Flats - R+Co Shampoo - R+Co Conditioner - Onomie Concealer

I’ve had some good luck with new beauty products lately. My favorite new find is Onomie undereye concealer. This stuff is the real deal. Bonus points for offering ten shades, each named after rockstar women geniuses from history. I wear Cavendish.

On the fashion front, sweatshorts that actually look put together and a modern take on ballet flats. Check out all of my favorite shopping finds for the week…

1. OAK Karate Sweatshort, $98.00
Not only do these 100% cotton sweatshorts look incredibly comfortable, they also vibe super fashion-forward. How often does that happen?

5 Sweet-Chic Summer Party Dresses

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Sweet enough to delight grandma, and yet still capable of turning the heads of your most fashion-forward friends. These are the dresses you need for your summer social events.

Bridal showers, brunches, ladies’ lunches, charity events… this is what you want to wear when the dress code calls for a cocktail frock, minus the overt sex appeal.

Marigold silk chiffon is beautifully sunshiny, and full of warm weather playfulness.

Marissa Webb Florence Silk Dress

→ Buy the Marissa Webb Florence Silk Dress, $575.00, at shopbop.com; 3-day shipping and returns are free.

3 Loose Fitting Tops You Need for Summer

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--By Kim Moshtaghi

A loose fitting top is a good change of pace from tight fitting blouses and dresses for summer. During the warmer months it’s nice to have an airy shirt to wear with your casual denim, or your work attire, to keep comfy. Looser fitting shirts can create an effortless, stylish look.

Blouses have always been one of my favorite things to purchase because you can wear them season after season without feeling like you’re going against fashion trends. Sometimes when you pair a loose fitting top with baggier bottoms it may make you feel a little boxy. You can prevent this by tucking in the front of the shirt in your pants or skirt in order to accentuate your body. In my opinion, blouses are extremely sexy because they leave a lot to the imagination. However, it is crucial to pair your top with the right bottoms in order to look stylish and set your best fashionable side forward.

My first pick is an intricate black blouse. This top allows you to spice up a dull work suit. The long sleeves with cut outs and the lace v-neck are fun and differentiate it from your other black blouses. I would definitely avoid wearing a statement necklace or earrings with this top because it will look like you are trying too hard. Toss this on with a bold color skinny jean or your slacks and you are all set to head out of the house.

Dora Landa Jomi Lace-Up Cold Shoulder Blouse

→ Buy the Dora Landa Jomi Lace-Up Cold Shoulder Blouse, $78.00, at bloomingdales.com.