ONLINE DEAL: Cosabella Soire Thong

Friday, July 21, 2006

I'll admit it, I hate thong underwear. I find them uncomfortable and unflattering, plain and simple. To feel better about the situation, I've convinced myself that all of those barbie doll lookalikes who swear that they LUUUVE thongs are kidding themselves in the name of appealing to the opposite sex. That being said, thongs are an unfortunate necessity of life. How else can you completely eliminate the dreaded VPL? As you can imagine, when the fashion situation dictates that I must wear one, no regular thong will do. It's Cosabella or nothing for me.

Cosabella's Soire thong is the undisputed queen of thongs. From celebrities to fashion journalists to your average, everyday fashionista, this is the choice of those in the know. They are comfy, cute, and available in a ton of colors. They are also $16 each and, due to their popularity, almost impossible to find on sale. If you have never tried Cosabella's Soire, here's your chance at an amazing price. If you are already a member of the Cosabella fan club, time to stock up because you can never have too many. Get two regular thongs-- one each aqua and light blue-- for only $20 (above right). Or, if you prefer, get two low rider thongs-- one each peach and red-- for only $20 (left). At these prices, I suggest both sets. Here's to never suffering from an uncomfortable thong again!