FOUND: Fabulous Red Shoes

Friday, August 04, 2006

Jessica Simpson - Barb (Ruby Western Leather) - Women's

Jessica Simpson- Barb in Ruby
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I have a small problem. I cannot find a shade of red that looks remotely acceptable on me. I have heard over and over again that there is a shade of red for everyone, but I just don't believe it. Thankfully, up until now, I have been able to skate by in fashionista circles without ever owning a major piece of red clothing. Come this fall, "getting by" will be impossible. Red is the one oasis of color in fall's muted palette and my lack of red items will soon be a glaring omission. I must get over my red phobia pronto!

Nicole - Silvius (Strawberry) - Women's

Nicole- Silvius in Strawberry
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My plan is to ease into red ownership with a fabulous new pair of red pumps. Shoes are the perfect way to painlessly inject a little red into any wardrobe. Unlike a red dress, red shoes look great on everyone. While red will always attract a fair amount of attention, the attention will be directed at your feet, not your thighs! I don't know about you, but I have never had a "bad feet" day. I have had a "bad thighs" day.

Taryn Rose - Daelyn (Ruby Pasiley) - Women's

Taryn Rose- Daelyn in Ruby Paisley
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The Barb shoe by the fledgling Jessica Simpson brand (top left) is one of my favorite new styles. I loved the Barb shoe in white patent leather for summer and I am adoring this new shade-- Ruby Western Leather-- for fall. The platform will add visual weight to the shoe and help balance out wide leg menswear inspired trousers at work, and the modern shape will pair easily with my favorite jeans after hours.

FLY LONDON - Flap (Red/ Off Beige) - Women's

Fly London- Flap in Red/Beige
$73.95 (was $113.95-- save 35%!)
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For non-rainy days I love the peep-toe Silvius by Nicole (above right) and Daelyn by Taryn Rose (above left). The buckle top and slightly conical heel on the Silvius are just the kind of details that make a shoe look more expensive than it really is and the sculptural wedge on the investment-worthy Daelyn adds a special touch that sets it apart from its lesser-priced sister shoes.

Finally, for a touch of whimsy to go along with my red wardrobe injection, I love Fly London's Flap pump in Red/Beige (right). The contrast striping and button-down top flap are completely unique, but still sophisticated and stylish. I know I would get tons of compliments on these shoes. They will add spice to jeans and a sexy tee in a neutral color, while making the whole ensemble look more uptown and pulled together. I'm so excited that they are on sale so I have an excuse to give them a try!

All four shoes are available at Zappos-- just click on each picture for a direct link to where you can purchase that shoe. As always, Zappos offers free shipping on all purchases and returns.