FOUND: Funky Fun Roller Tote

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Collapsible Roller Tote

Calling all City Girls and Condo-Dwellers: This one's for you!

I have spent the last several years of my life living in high-rise condos in the middle of big cities, first in SoCal and now in NorCal, so I feel your pain on the "random stuff transportation" issue. Countless times I have been stuck clumsily schleping too-heavy grocery bags because I was overly ambitious when it came to deciding just how much I could reasonably carry home. And those times when I was desperate enough to take a car to the store (two whole blocks away!), I spent 20 minutes riding up and down the elevator to empty out the trunk. It sucks. Plain and simple.

This funky, fun Collapsible Roller Tote from 31 Corn Lane is about to become my new best friend. It is totally practical and will be a superstar for carrying everything from groceries and farmer's market finds to unexpected shopping purchases. It is about 1000 times more stylish than those dowdy black roller carts that every other condo-dweller seems to own, plus it's way more portable. This soft-sided, full-size roller tote is big enough to roll gracefully while standing upright, but folds down to the size of a clutch purse! Check out the "how to" photos (right).

I cannot go another day without this stellar tote. I know you want one too. How could you not? Click on the top left photo to link directly to where you can purchase this indispensable tote at FredFlare.