FOUND: Butt-Enhancing Skinny Jeans

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Slim Fit Jean with Flap Pockets in Jerry

Tag Slim Fit with Flap Pocket
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Yes, skinny jeans are all the rage and look ultra modern and trendy. So, what's the problem? They do nothing for a flat butt. Even the best skinny jeans have totally flat, huge back pockets that make a flat butt look like... well... a big flat butt. Ugh!

Prelude Slim Jean with Flap Pockets

Tag Prelude Slim Jean
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Here's the answer: Tag Jeans Slim Fit with Flap Pocket. It's like our favorite butt-enhancing jeans and our favorite skinny jeans had a love child. You get the long, lean fit of the trendy skinny jean, plus the butt-enhancing low-set flap pockets that make your backside shine. No need to choose one or the other. Perfect!

Click on either photo to link directly to where you can purchase Tag Jeans Slim Fit with Flap Pocket online at Couture Candy. These amazing jeans are available in a number of different washes, plus slim fit cords!

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