Stiletto Jungle Tops "Featured People" at Stylehive

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

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It's always nice to be recognized for doing something that you love. Big warm happy fuzzy feelings abound this week-- Stiletto Jungle has been placed at the top of the "Featured People" listing at Stylehive, the premier online collaborative shopping community!

The 16-member "Featured People" list singles out Stylehive contributors who have caught the eye of Stylehive's editors. Regarding the items featured in Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle, the Stylehive editors have this to say:
"On the prowl in the online shopping, handbags, and accessories from this style savvy blogger."
I like the way that sounds! As a part of the exclusive "Featured People" section, yours truly is listed along side amazingly talented and well-known fashion bloggers like Lesley Scott of Fashiontribes, Lauren Dimet of Second City Style, and Angelique Sims of Couture in the City. A huge honor.

A big thanks to the editors of Stylehive! Click on my Stylehive badge, located at the top left of this post, to visit my Hive at While you are there, why not take a look around, or even get your own hive. It's a fun way to share your stylish online finds and find new, fun products ranging from art and home decorating to fashion and beauty.