FOUND: Bling-tastic Rhinestone Key Rings

Sunday, October 29, 2006

"Lulu's Vuitton" Key Ring
Available at: Lulu's Fashion Lounge

Here's the situation: you are a fab fashionista of the first degree. You have the perfect of-the-moment purse and contained within is an assemblage of "it" accessories-- the rockin lip gloss, the sample size of your signature perfume, the Molskine notebook for when inspiration hits. You reach in for the keys to your ride and-- sigh-- they emerge from your handbag all sad and dark and hanging from the same pathetic key ring you've had since high school. You know what you need? A bling-tastic rhinestone key ring so that your keys can be as fab as the rest of your purse-ly goods!

"Bling, Bling Pimp My Ride" Key Ring
Available at: Lulu's Fashion Lounge

These fun rhinestone-encrusted key rings are super chic, and super cheap. A great combination when you are talking about a device that will be banging around on the bottom of your purse 90% of the time. No need to splurge on a designer key ring that will just get ruined. These adorable gems are just as fun and priced to work! The "Lulu's Vuitton" (left) and "Bling, Bling Pimp My Ride" (right) Key rings are made from brushed goldtone hardware with clear rhinestones on the front. So cute, and so affordable. I'd pick one up for myself and the other to keep on hand for a last-minute inexpensive gift for a fellow fashionista.

Click on either photo to link directly to where you can purchase that bling-tastic rhinestone key ring online.