TREND: Oh-So-Marie Antoinette

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Marie Antoinette Soundtrack
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The Revolution is upon us, both literally and figuratively. No sooner had Sofia Coppola's hot new film, Marie Antoinette, hit the theaters than Antoinette-inspired fashion and beauty products started filling stores. The little film about the teen queen who had a penchant for parties and a less-than-compassionate view towards the starving lower class is causing a big stir in the style world. From the opulent costumes and gravity-defying hairstyles to the rocking 2-disk soundtrack (right) and the film's amazing star-- Kirsten Dunst-- this soon to be blockbuster is a feast for the senses. When film meets fashion the possibilities are endless. Here are a few of my favorite Marie Antoinette-inspired finds. From the looks of the Spring collections, we have not seen the last of Marie mania.

My must-have fashion find is this gorgeous Silk Peplum Top from Beyonce's House of Dereon. The details are simply amazing. The mandarin collar, flutter sleeves, and gathered lace waistline are all just icing on the cake, so to speak. It's the silk peplum that steals the show.

Silk Peplum Top w/ Woven Lace

Silk Peplum Top

Available at: House of Dereon

The Italian Del Gatto family has been working in shell cameo art for over five generations, and it shows with this stunning Woman Cornelian Cameo Pendant. This regal creation shows a profile of a young woman with her hair pulled up with flowers and is framed in 18k gold. It can be used either as a pendant or a pin, but I would add it to a chunky gold rope chain for a look that takes the traditional cameo and gives it a funky, modern edge.

Young Woman Cornelian Cameo Pendant / Pin

Del Gatto Young Woman Cornelian Cameo Pendant / Pin

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The most lustworthy Antoinette inspired accessory has got to be this hand-crafted collector's evening bag from Lulu Guinness. It features a sparkling crystals hand-assembled to perfection on a satin white background. Very plush.

Lulu Guinness White Diamante Fan Evening Bag

Lulu Guinness Diamante Fan Evening Bag

$358.00 (was $995-- save 64%!)
Available at:

For those of us without a queen's budget, it's all about these dangling gold-plated Antoinette Fan Earrings. They have plenty of fun rhinestones to keep us sparkly all night long. Pair them with basic black and they will make the ensemble sing.

Antoinette Fan Earrings
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For a Marie Antoinette beauty fix, this Sephora Necklace fits the bill. It's an antique-inspired locket containing a completely useful glitter lip gloss. Twist off the subtly shiny faux jewel top to reveal a pot of opalescent gloss. Once the gloss is gone, you can push out the gloss pan from the back of the locket and replace with a favorite picture or keepsake. Those Sephora people are so smart.

Sephora Marie Antoinette Necklace$20.00
Available at:;

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We're not the only ones with Marie fever. Check out "Ooh La Love: Marie Antoinette Chic" on Kristopher Dukes' blog for ThisNext... Stiletto Jungle is quoted there!

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