TREND: Charmed, I'm Sure

Monday, November 13, 2006

Stephen Dweck Stone Charm Bracelet
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As hard as I try, I just can't get over my obsession with charm bracelets. They are so hot right now that I can't turn a corner without running into another one to love. From the basic $35 Juicy Couture starter bracelet, to my newest pricey obsession-- this stunner from Stephen Dweck (right)-- I want them all. It's driving me crazy.

My new baby is Stephen Dweck's Stone Charm Bracelet. The heavy, jewel-laden look reminds me of old school royalty. Elizabeth I. Marie Antoinette. Isabella. Classic riches for a classic woman. From the chocolate brown bronze open-link chain to the carved smokey quartz, black and white mother-of-pearl, and white mother-of-pearl charms, it's a stunner. I dream of ordering it on the spot. There goes rent... and student loan payments... and food and water...

A more affordable choice would be this girly-girl Versace Charm Bracelet. Not only is it adorable, it is also painstakingly on-trend with the latest Versace fashions. Leave it to Donatella. Dangling from the silver metal and black enamel chunky link chain you will find: three handbag charms from the Versace spring collection; two sandal charms from the spring collection; crystal-encrusted logo charm with two pearls; bar charm with crystals; and a revolving clasp with small medusa charm.

Versace Charm Bracelet
Available at: eLUXURY

Speaking of girly-girl, how about this fun Autumn Charm Bracelet from Juicy Couture? The gold metal link bracelet is loaded to the brim with a brown bead, an enameled Juicy heart charm with braided gold metal trim, a leather leaf charm, an enameled squirrel charm, an enameled butterfly charm, a brown transparent resin bead, a resin horn charm, a walnut charm that opens and closes, a small gold chain with heart-shaped padlock, an enameled gold metal Juicy emblem with "Juicy for girls who like Fall" charm, two wooden acorn charms with gold metal top, a resin mushroom charm, and a wooden charm with golden Juicy emblem. Whew. That's a lot of charm for $175.

Juicy Couture Autumn Charm Bracelet
Available at: eLUXURY

Simple, sleek, and luxe is the message sent by the Moschino
"Time for Shopping" Charm Bracelet. A hefty silver chain link bracelet is adorned with hearts and handbags, as well as a little clock disguised as a purse to help you keep track of time while you are in "shop till you drop" mode. Useful.

Time For Shopping - Stainless Steel Charm Bracelet Watch
Moschino "Time for Shopping" Charm Bracelet
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Want to take part in the charm bracelet trend and still have enough money left for new shoes? This Armani Exchange Charm Bracelet may be just the thing for you. The chunky chains, fun charms, and classy lobster-claw clasp mimic the more expensive bracelets, but at less than half the price.

Armani Exchange Charm Bracelet
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