The Next Big Thing: Puch Clothing

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Puch Alpaca Coat
Available at:

I'm always on the lookout for the "next big thing" in fashion. Not just the next big trend, but also the next big designer. My obsession of the moment is finding designers that are popular in other countries, but haven't hit the States, and lately that has meant hot new Asian designers. My last pick-- Raveur Clothing-- was such a hit with Stiletto Jungle readers and our Stylehive friends that I've been worried that I wouldn't be able to find a worthy follow-up.

My latest find can definitely hold it's own against Raveur, and most other mainstream designers for that matter. I'm adoring South Korea's Puch label. Their designs are modern and each piece includes interesting details that set it apart. While Puch makes a whole range of fashions, from basic denim and tees to work appropriate dresses and separates, it's their knitwear and coats that are the standouts.

One of my favorite finds is the Puch Alpaca Coat (above right). the combination of the hidden button placket and high mock neck collar create a sleek silhouette from what is typically thought of as a cozy, bulky material. Puch's gift for knitwear is demonstrated with their Mini Cable Cardigan (below). This super cute cropped layering piece is right on trend with the fall/winter chunky knit obsession.

Puch Mini Cable Cardigan
Available at:

At first glance, this Fur Hood Knit Cardigan looks quite basic, but take a closer look and you will notice a unique diamond knit pattern and slightly rolled unfinished hem that make it unlike any other knit cardigan we've seen in the stores.

Puch Fur Hood Knit Cardigan
Available at:

Looks like leggings are just as popular halfway around the world as they are right here. Puch's Button Leggings get an edge on your basic knit legging by increasing the length so that the bottom can be pulled down over your favorite pumps and adding a button detail. The overall effect is that attention is diverted from the skinny nature of the pant to the very interesting hem treatment.

Puch Button Leggings
Variations: Brown (shown), Navy
Available at:

Puch also has the classics covered, like with this chic Novelty Jacket. The Chanel-esque nubby knit is perfect for dressing up your favorite pair of jeans.

Puch Novelty Jacket
Variations: Ivory (shown), Black
Available at:

There is something so jet-set about this Cowl Neck Crochet Coat. I picture the woman wearing this coat prancing through the airport in Paris followed by a fleet of men toting her 20 Louis Vuitton trunks.

Puch Cowl Neck Crochet Coat
Variations: Beige (shown), Black
Available at:

This stylish Ballon Dress is certainly not for wallflowers, but it is insanely chic and looks like it's straight off a designer runway, although it's priced like its straight out of the mall. Ahh, the true beauty of lesser known designers.

Puch Ballon Dress
Available at:

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