FOUND: Britney's Playmate of the Month Necklace

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Playmate of the Month Necklace
Available at: Boutique to You

Typically, you wouldn't catch me dead sporting Playboy logowear in public. On pajamas maybe, but definitely not in public. Bunny material I'm not and, let's face it, Playboy logowear is hardly high fashion. But, I'll make an exception for this cheeky Playmate of the Month necklace.

This fun silver necklace, last seen on Britney Spears during her recent partying bender, would add a little zip to an otherwise tame girls night out ensemble. If nothing else, it's certain to start a conversation or two while milling around the bar. The Playmate of the Month necklace is available in all 12 months of the year and the rhinestore eye on the bunny is colored to match that month's birthstone. A cute touch.

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