Hot Site: Chocosho Features Finds for a Fashion-Forward Life

Monday, February 19, 2007

I've always wanted to be the mythical New York City "It" girl with the amazing wardrobe full of cutting edge designers and the minimalist-chic loft decorated straight out of Elle Decor. Few of those girls exist in real life, if any do at all. Funny thing is, when I'm browsing Chocosho I am suddenly that girl. I love that.

Chocosho is an insanely well-edited site that features the best items from emerging fashion and lifestyle designers. It's the editor's eye that really sets this site apart from other indie designer sites. Instead of just throwing a bunch of independent designers together on one retail site, Chocosho picks only the best items from each designer and gives them a lot of attention and prime e-shelfspace. You are unlikely to see more than five items from any one designer on the Chocosho site at any one time and the basic categories of goods rarely extend beyond four pages. The overall effect is soothing and perfect for shoppers who may be browsing for indie goods for the first time.

Nicholas K. Ryan Shirt in yellow

I know, I've made it sound like Chocosho is a very limited site, but quite the opposite is true. Packed into this well-edited online store you will find clothes and accessories for both men and women, home furnishings, gifts, toys, stationary, and artistic prints. The common thread that holds all of these items together is an amazing attention to detail and stunning style. A recent stop by the women's department turned up stylish tee shirts by DURKL, Moonblood, and the Andy Warhol Museum; a shirred top by Evil Genius; and a sweet wrap sweater by hot label Grey Ant. One of my favorite finds of late is the lemon yellow "Ryan" shirt from Nicholas K. (right). It exemplifies the kind of fashion-forward designs that frequently show up at Chocosho. Another must-see section is women's accessories. The constantly updated selection always offers a few completely unique items that I just know will be next season's must have item. My current fave? The beautiful handpainted domino pendants by Odd Bird, most of which have already sold out.

Atelier Baraque Strung Along Duvet Cover and Pillow Shams

Although I am 100% fashionista, I have never been much for the home decorating side of style. The whole process just bores me. Despite my aversion to home furnishing, I drool over the fabulous lifestyle section at Chocosho. My current obsession is the minimalist-chic "Strung Along" bed linens by Atelier Baraque (left). A lovely beaded necklace print on a crisp white duvet cover is enough to send this fashionista into decorating mode in a hurry. Another favorite is the selection of pillows by Hybrid Home that feature unexpected prints, such as secret service agents and airplanes flocking like birds. Definitely something you have to see to believe.

When it comes to Chocosho, I could go on for days. I haven't even touched on the gift section or the fabulously posh stationary! So much to say, but so little space. I'll be honest, the only drawback to Chocosho is the prices. Indie designs do cost a little bit more that mainstream items, but you are gaining a real investment piece. Think of it this way: that discount store table you just bought basically lost every drop of value the minute you assembled it and it will probably need to be replaced next year. Not one ever said that about an Eames table. Or a Zac Posen dress. Or Frette linens. These iconic designers started somewhere. I'll bet that if they were starting over today, they'd be featured on Chocosho.

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