FOUND: Paris Hilton's Slinky Beach Cover-Up

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Paris Hilton wearing Love Tanjane

Want to lounge like an heiress on your next trip to the beach? Snap up your own Love Tanjane Tie Dye Wrap, Paris Hilton's beach cover-up of choice, and let your inner celebutante run wild.

Love Tanjane Tie Dye Wrap
Love Tanjane Tie Dye Wrap
Available at: BoutiqueToYou

Paris Hilton was seen wearing this slinky, lacy, robe-style wrap on several beach outings while she was on vacation in sunny Hawaii (see photos left). Wait, do you call it "vacation" when you don't have an actual job? Regardless, this lightweight Love Tanjane Tie Dye Wrap (right) is just right for covering up in warm climates. Good choice, Paris! Not just for the beach, this wrap would be perfect poolside or as a summertime bathrobe. The cream colored lace has a vintage lingerie feel, while the subtle blue and indigo tie dye pattern gives a modern twist.

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