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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Breath Palette Toothpaste Zen Kit
Breath Palette Zen Kit
icon$15.39 (was $22-- save 30%!)
Available at:

Tired of your same old toothbrushing routine? Want to give your twice daily brushing ritual a fashionista-worthy makeover? I've found just the thing.

Breath Palette, a boutique-style Japanese toothpaste maker, specializes in making out of the ordinary toothpaste flavors that are sure to add some spice to your morning. Breath Palette toothpaste comes in 32 tasty flavors and varieties range from the sweet, to the decadent, to the downright unusual. For example Kiwi Fruit (below right), Strawberry, and Japanese Plum sound good enough to eat. Darjeeling Tea, Kyoto Style Tea, and Cafe au Lait are reminiscent of your standard morning indulgences. Looking for the truly unusual? How about Sweet Salt, Indo Curry, or Fresh Yogurt?

Breath Palette Kiwi Fruit Toothpaste
Breath Palette Kiwi Fruit Toothpaste
icon$3.14 (was $4.49-- save 30%!)
Available at:

Ok, before you start thinking that Breath Palette can't possibly be a healthy way to clean your teeth, here are the important facts. According to the company, Breath Palette cleans teeth with ultra-fine microbeads and helps prevent plaque buildup naturally with Xylitol. Also, Breath Palette is supposed to be easier on your teeth because there are no synthetic surface active agents, plus it is less foaming making it ideal for electronic toothbrushes and kids.

I think Breath Palette would be an ideal gift for the traveler or that person who has everything. Everything except crazy fun toothpaste! Can't decide on just one flavor? Breath Palette is also available in multi-flavor kits. The Zen Kit (top left) contains Lemon Tea #24, Cola #31, Rose #6, Lavender #20, and Honey #8. The East Meets West Kit contains Darjeeling Tea #21, Indian Curry #41, Cinnamon #22, Tropical Pineapple #2, and Green Tea #5. A little bit of something for everyone.

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