Hot Tip: How To Regrow Overplucked Eyebrows

Friday, May 04, 2007

Rogaine for Women
Rogaine for Women

$28.99 (was $33-- save 12%!)
Available at:

"My favorite new tip helps those over-tweezing girls who got a little pluck crazy. I went to a new brow shaping girl and she told me she recommends that her clients buy Rogaine. No joke, Rogaine. Then, she says to buy a small, child sized toothbrush-- one that has soft bristles-- and to dip the brush in the bottle twice a day and lightly brush the areas that you want to grow back. You have to be careful though. You should only pick one or two spots for them to grow back, or you'll be going pluck crazy all over again. But, it works!!!!!

Child's Extra Soft Natural Toothbrush
SmileBrite Childs Extra-Soft Toothbrush

Available at:

I did it for a few months, and I noticed that there were areas that started to grow back and I could re-do my whole brow shape. It is an awesome little tip. A bottle of Rogaine can be expensive, but it lasts several months for this minimal use. Plus, I think girls are liking the thicker brow these days, and it's hard to go back once you've gone all Fergalicious on your brows. Ick."

--submitted by Girl Talk Pearl

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