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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Linda Farrow Vintage Sunglass in Brown
Linda Farrow Vintage Sunglasses

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Everything old is new again. In the summer that has already seen the comeback of high-waisted denim, wide leg pants, and Wayfarers, is it really any wonder that one of the biggest names in '70s accessories is back in the spotlight?

Linda Farrow founded her own designer sunglasses label in 1970, at the ripe old age of 23. She quickly rose to fame in celebrity circles and is even credited with creating Yoko Ono's signature wraparound shades. As '70s fashions faded, so did the Linda Farrow label. Fast forward to 2003, when Linda's son re-launched the label after stumbling upon a stash of the vintage shades.

Linda Farrow Vintage Sunglass in Red
Linda Farrow Vintage Sunglasses

Available at:

Here's the official story of the rebirth of Linda Farrow:
"Launching her own fashion label in 1970, Linda Farrow quickly became known for her trendy designer sunglasses, and her company acted as a wholesaler for the hottest designer labels of the time. In 2003, the designer's son stumbled upon vintage sunglasses from the company's golden era, and Linda Farrow Vintage was in a position to offer the designs of Pucci, Stendhal, Jacques Faith, and the designer herself to the public again, providing the greatest vintage sunglasses all in one place." []

Although the label, now called Linda Farrow Vintage, has been back in action since '03, it has been mainly under the radar until now. With the sudden popularity of all things '70s, Linda Farrow Vintage is all over the fashion media and pumping out new styles like crazy. Among the new creations are several unique offerings that have been co-designed by hot modern day designers such as Luella, Eley Kishimoto, Matthew Williamson, and Sophia Kokosalaki. Fans of the new line include Nicole Richie, Kimberly Stewart, and Drew Barrymore, who has been spotted multiple times sporting Luella for Linda Farrow Vintage sunglasses. A couple of my personal faves from the latest collection are pictured here.

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