FOUND: Paris Hilton's Sexy Cutout Swimsuit

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Paris Hilton wearing BCBG swimwear

Jail does a body good? Mere days after completing her jail term, Paris Hilton was spotted frolicking in the Hawaiian surf looking every bit the chic heiress in a black malloit that, for a one-piece, left surprisingly little to the imagination.

Want to wade like a recently freed celebutante on your upcoming beach vacation? You can find Ms. Hilton's glammy black crochet swimsuit in a rather unlikely place... the mall. She's sporting the Crocheted Cutout Swimsuit from upscale department store staple BCBG.

BCBG Crocheted Cutout One-Piece
BCBG Crocheted Cutout Swimsuit
Available at:

This slinky suit, cutout in all of the right places, is actually quite flattering to all body types. The one-piece styling and boy-cut legs ensure that you are virtually completely covered by a veil of fabric, while the crochet knit allows just enough skin to peek through to be alluring. Magnificent!

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