Girl Talk: How Do You Scrub Up?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

If you saw my shower right now you'd laugh. It looks more like a beauty supply store than a functional shower. At this moment I have in rotation three body washes (Dove, Olay, Avon), two bar soaps (Dove, Clinique), three exfoliating scrubs (Hemp, Clinique, Lamisilk for the toes), and two different scrubbing apparatuses (gloves, pouf). The sad thing is that this is me on a "low supply" day-- I just moved and, consequently, reduced my inventory. When I shower, I like to have options.

Olay Complete Body Wash with Shea Butter
Olay Complete Body Wash

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What may surprise you about my crazy shower product fixation is that the majority of the products I stock on a regular basis are not ultra-pricey luxury goods, but fabulous drugstore finds that I don't think twice about slathering on by the pile. So, am I the only fashionista who has found true love in the drugstore body wash aisle? I called upon the trusty Stiletto Jungle Girl Talk panel to ditch the facade of fabulousness and dish on what they really use to scrub up. So, ladies, when it comes to daily scrub time, what's your poison?

"I use a bunch of stuff," says Po, a 28-year-old Ceres, California, attorney. "On hot days, I wash with Dial soap-- the yellow anti-bacterial kind-- because my doctor recommended that as a super-cleanser for all germs. On regular days, I use Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Cleansing Cream just because it smells ultra-feminine. On days when I just want to mix it up a bit, I use the Pink Glycerin soap from Bath and Body Works because I like the smell and feel against my skin."

Method Bloq Body Bar in Go Getter
Method Bloq Body Bar

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Looks like I'm not the only one who likes lots of options when it comes to shower time. I hear you have some bathtime picks too, Po.

"When I am soaking in a bubble bath, I use the soft sponge-- probably from Victoria's Secret or Bath and Body Works-- in combination with the Bath and Body Works Cherry Blossom Shower Gel," Po continues. "Why? Because it smells good and matches with the Japanese Cherry Blossom Bubble Bath I use. I know, I'm pretty typical when it comes to girly-girl bath products!"

"I am pretty simple when it comes to my body wash, believe it or not," admits Pearl, a 29-year-old LA-based glamour girl who works in the music industry. "I've tried all the high priced ones, and they usually smell too much or dry my skin out. Noooooo, thank you! I like to smell clean more so than smell like flowers or foods. I actually tried this line of body washes out when I was visiting my parents and was too lazy to bring all my products. My mom had some Olay Complete Body Wash With Shea Butter (top left) and it was moisturizing, but really lightly scented. I'm now a convert and the one I'm feeling right now is the Olay Fresh Reviving Body Wash with Ginseng. It's not overpowering, gets you clean, and you can put on your fave perfume and not worry about conflicting scents."

Dove Gentle Exfoliating Moisturizing Body Wash
Dove Exfoliating Body Wash

Available at:

Looks like you're not the only one who hates overpowering scent as a body wash by-product, Pearl. Hannah is also on a quest to scrub up without layering on the scent.

"When it comes to body wash, it's all about scent: I hate the strong florals/ fruits/ musks... well anything strong really," says Hannah, a 31-year-old executive assistant and freelance writer. "I prefer subtle. And really, no one should be able to smell you in the elevator an hour after you've left it. I generally leave the exfoliation to my fave salt scrub, and since I have no qualms pitching a little extra cash for lotion and like, bubble bath, I have no problem scrimping on body wash. Soap is soap, after all. I usually have a couple different kinds hanging about to fit whatever mood I'm in, but my current favorite is Method Bloq 'Go Getter.' (top right) It's a little more expensive than my norm, but has the light and lovely scent of mint which is a perfect way to start the day. Also, they are a bio-ethically conscious company... clear conscience: priceless. Incidentally, their beach sage scented 'Escape Artist,' which I have as a lotion, is also top notch."

While Pearl and Hannah are looking to scrub up without lasting scent, 34-year-old San Diego-based attorney Tina sees shower time as an opportunity to take a layered approach to her daily scent strategy.

Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Shower Gel in Moonlight Path
Bath & Body Works Shower Gel

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"I would say that my all time favorite body washes are from Bath and Body Shop. I love the scents they offer," offers Tina. "I really enjoy Moonlight Path-- it has lots of lavender so it is great right before bed; calms me after a long day at work. I enjoy the Cherry Blossom scent as well for spring days. It is light and fun. I layer the body wash scent with the body cream. It is rich and thick and helps with dry skin. I like to keep my skin hydrated and looking young. I don't want to be all full of wrinkles a day before my time so my secret it lots of lotion!! I say pamper yourself with fun scents you enjoy."

Although scent, or lack thereof, is definitely a theme with the Girl Talk ladies, it's not the only concern. 23-year-old Kim, a recent college graduate from La Jolla, California, plans her shower strategy around keeping her skin properly exfoliated and in tip-top, flake-free shape.

"I've got to say that my favorite exfoliating soap is Dove Gentle Exfoliating Moisturizing Body Wash (above left)," Kim begins. "I love this soap because you can use it every day in the shower, unlike most exfoliants. It is gentle, but keeps skin smelling fresh and gets rid of all excess dead skin. It is perfect for the summer because it isn't harsh on the skin. It is hard to exfoliate in the summer, especially if you are like me and spend a lot of time in the sun-- from exercising in the heat to driving in it.

Avon Foot Works Foot Scrub
$2.99 (was $3.99-- save 25%!)
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Once a week I make my Cetaphil and Baking Soda combination-- that creates an excellent exfoliant. This combo is harsher on the skin than the Dove, and it is for the face as opposed to the body. I use this combo once a week before I put my sunscreen on in the morning. As far as exfoliating my body and face that is all I do to keep my skin healthy and glowing before I moisturize. As for exfoliating my feet, I use an Avon foot scrub with a foot scrubber. This stuff is nuts, in fact right when you scrub your feet you feel a difference. I use it every day after work and feel like a whole new energized person. It gets all your dead skin off your feet and then you can proceed by using the Avon foot lotion. At the end of all this primping I'm glowing head to toe-literally!"

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