Girl Talk: Put Your Best Bra Forward - Part 1

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This is part 1 of a 2-part Special Girl Talk series focusing on the best bras. Part two will run on Thursday, August 2.

There are few universal truths in the world of fashion; one woman's obsession is another woman's "eh, whatever." Of the few truths that seem to survive across the spectrum of women, the eternal search for a better bra is right up there. No matter how much a woman loves her current fave bra, she's always convinced that there must be a better one available. Something that will fit just a little better, make her just a little more perky, give her just a few more curves. In the interest of finding the best of the best of bras I put out a challenge to the Stiletto Jungle Girl Talk Panel: think long and hard, search your lingerie drawer, and then put your best bra forward.

Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit with Lace push-up bra
Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Push-Up
Available at:

First up, the best of the day bras. What's important to look for in a day bra? How about an excellent fit; a seamless look under even the slimmest tees; a little boost without being too sexy for the office. It's a delicate balance. So, ladies, tell us how it's done.

"Alright, coming from a girl who has been through bra hell and back, I have lots of advice for those girls who are a little bigger on top-- large C and up," offers Pearl, a 29-year-old LA girl who works, and works it, in the glammy music industry. "Victoria's Secret sucks! They have cute pajamas and lingerie but for bras, unless you are smaller up top, you shouldn't even be looking in the catalog, much less the store. That was my number 1 mistake when trying to get something to fit me."

Hmm, Pearl, tell us how you really feel.

"I went to Nordstrom and, after trying on a million different bras, I fell in love. Two words: Calvin Klein. They have the best bras ever! If you're bigger than a D you may want to try out Le Mystere or something else for that size range, but for C/D girls you will love these bras. They have skinny straps that are perfect for tanks, come in really comfortable material, and push you up just the perfect amount. There are a few styles I wear, such as the Perfectly Fit Push-Up Bra and the regular Push-Up Bra, and they're just fabulous. The perfect amount of support, and this bra makes you look great in any outfit ranging from a slinky club top for a night out to a conservative business sweater. Of course, knowing your correct size helps as well. Go get sized if you haven't already!"

Barely There Flawless Fit Microfiber Triangle Bra
Barely There Flawless Fit
Available at:

That's a glowing recommendation, Pearl. It sounds like you have spent a lot of time searching for the perfect bra. Are there any others you want to share?

"Another favorite brand of mine for bras: DKNY. They have the best prints and I really am loving this new one I bought. It's the Sensual Curves Push Up Contour bra. Amazing. It's so comfortable and definitely gives you great support."

Great advice for ladies blessed with hot curves, but what about us-- um-- less well-endowed girls?

"My favorite day-bra is a bra brand I found at Mervyn's called Barely There," says Po, a 28-year-old attorney living in Ceres, California. "I've seen it at Macy's as well. It is thin and light, and great for hot days! It's not too great at hiding your nipples but hey, sometimes that's not such a bad look. It comes in plain cotton and also in sexy lacy styles. The sheerness of it all makes me feel very sexy wearing it."

Victoria's Secret Body by Victoria Full Coverage bra
Victoria's Secret Body By Victoria

$45.00 - $51.00
Available at:

Ooh, I'll definitely have to give that one a try. Now, there's got to be a good Victoria's Secret recommendation out there...

"My favorite bra is Victoria's Secret's Body by Victoria, full coverage," says Tina, a 34-year-old San Diego attorney. "I love them! They feel amazing and they leave no lines. I hate it when a bra has lines so you look 'unnatural.' The Body by Victoria line leaves no lines and just looks great. It lifts you up and you can wear them under anything without a worry."

Those are some great ideas, ladies! I can't wait to see what you have to say about nighttime bras on Thursday! Click on any photo or linked text to link directly to where you can purchase that daytime bra, as recommended by the Stiletto Jungle Girl Talk Panel, online. Don't miss any Girl Talk discussions. Subscribe to Stiletto Jungle and get free updates by e-mail or RSS.

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