FOUND: Kate Moss's Sizzling Lovestory Jeans

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kate Moss wearing J Brand Jeans

I'm so glad that I don't remember the '70s-- I wasn't even in pre-school yet-- because it makes the rebirth of '70s style fashion so much fun! In the grand tradition of Jane Birkin and Ali McGraw, the sleek 1970s look is back with a vengeance and there's no way I'm missing out on this sexy trend! Seems I'm not the only one ready to gobble up '70 style. Leading the way in the second coming of disco debutante fashion is the always cutting edge Kate Moss. The woman with the body practically made for skinny jeans is embracing the new wide-leg trend and running with it. Love it.

J Brand 722 Light Weight Lovestory In Ink & Dark Vintage
J Brand Lovestory Jeans

Available at:

Want to steal Kate Moss's sizzling '70s style? She's been caught sporting the brand new Lovestory Jeans from J Brand all over town. These stretch, low-rise bell bottom jeans boast a 22 inch leg opening and a super feminine wide waistband. The look is 100% classic Charlie's Angels. You can't get much hotter than that!

As I mentioned in a previous article, J Brand-- the label that put skinny jeans in the forefront-- has quickly adapted to the wide leg trend. Two of the most talked about, and best selling, wide leg denim styles are from the J Brand label: the Lovestory (featured here) and the Pallatzo, which was recently spotted on Katie Holmes. No one will ever be able to accuse J Brand of being a one-hit denim wonder now!

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