Girl Talk: Put Your Best Bra Forward - Part 2

Thursday, August 02, 2007

This is part 2 of a 2-part Special Girl Talk series focusing on the best bras. Part one ran on Tuesday, July 31.

On Tuesday we took a good long look at the best bras for daytime wear and came up with a few real winners. A great bra can certainly make your day a little more uplifting, but a great nighttime bra can change your entire outlook. You know what I'm talking about. Lifting, pushing, cleavage creating, curve enhancing. The best nighttime bras will make you feel like you just stepped out of the pages of Maxim magazine. It's for that very reason that few women will ever divulge their best evening bra tricks. Good thing I know a few fabulous fashionistas who are willing to part with their best kept secrets. So, ladies, spill it. How do you get your fabulous nighttime curves?

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy 100 Way Strapless Convertible bra
Very Sexy 100-Way Convertible Bra

$49.50 - $52.50
Available at:

"I love the Victoria's Secret Very Sexy bra," divulges Kim, a 23-year-old La Jolla, California, native with enviable curves. "It is seamless-- it goes under any shirt without any bulge. I like it because this bra can produce amazing cleavage or just cover your girls, feeling comfortable. This bra comes in many funky colors, which adds to the excitement, especially in the summer when it looks like you wore a dress over your swimsuit. The Very Sexy Convertible Bra is great for halters, low back dresses, and tube tops. These bras are amazing, and can be pricey when you get addicted to them, but they are well worth the splurge in my opinion. If I could only afford to buy one I would buy the sand color. It goes underneath everything without showing the slightest bit of color."

Wow, Kim, sounds like a perfect nighttime bra. But, you never told us about your fave daytime bra?

Marciano Zebra Print Bra
Marciano Zebra Print Bra

Free Shipping
Available at:

"The Very Sexy is my everyday bra! If I'm wearing it while grocery shopping, I can still knock 'em dead! You never know who you're going to run into, so I got to put my sexy forward."

Fabulous! What about you, Pearl? How do you get your smoking evening out curves?

"A bra I love for the days when you need to make an ex drool over you is my bra from Marciano. This is definitely NOT a work bra. My particular bra has black lace with black rhinestones and sequins at the top in flowered shapes. This one gives me insane cleavage. I always see these really decorative bras in Marciano and wonder why someone would wear that, but I found out exactly why. If you have a low cut top that seems to show a little bra, it's perfect to wear one of these bras that are super decorative. You have to do it in the classy, 'oops, I didn't realize you could see my bra' way, but you can definitely get away with a little peakage when your bra is this cute. And yes, I can tell you from experience that once you pull this trick, you will have the boys drooling."

Lily of France: Value In Style Lace Push-up Bra
Lily of France "Value in Style" Bra
Buy 2, Get 1 Free
Available at:

Ok curvy girls, you've both got me jealous. What about a little hot bra love for those of us who have more demure curves?

"At night I like wearing a particular, inexpensive bra made by Lily of France," says Po, a gamine 28-year-old attorney. "It's the 'Value in Style' convertible bras that come in black, white, and nude. It has this great padding and tightness to it that really does a great job at pushing up what needs some pushing, while still being comfortable."

I'll definitely give it a try. Thanks for the tips ladies! Click on any photo or linked text to link directly to where you can purchase that fabulous nighttime bra online. Don't miss a single Girl Talk discussion. Subscribe to Stiletto Jungle and get free updates by e-mail or RSS.

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