Pearl Picks: Fabulous Femme Songwriters

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hi fellow SJ readers! I just wanted to let you know about three new female artists that you may want to check out:

Colbie Caillat - Coco
Colbie Caillat - Coco

$9.99 (was $10.99-- save 9%!)
Available at:

Colbie Caillat is a 22 year old singer-songwriter from California and her debut CD, Coco (left), is getting a lot of buzz. Her music has a very light, breezy, and simplistic quality to it, and she is often compared to Jack Johnson or Norah Jones. Music critic Bob Lefsetz, of the music industry blog The Lefsetz Letter, captures her CD perfectly: "Just imagine driving up PCH with the top down, letting the music wash over you. That's what this sound is about. For that respite when you're carefree, before school goes back into session." He claims that her single "Bubbly" is "truly a breath of fresh air... fresh Malibu ocean air," and I definitely agree. Coco has been the top downloaded album on iTunes for the past couple weeks so check out her music and find out what the buzz is about!
My faves - Oxygen, Bubbly, Magic and Tied Down (text links to the single in iTunes, where you can also hear a 30 second preview)

Sara Bareilles - Little Voice
Sara Bareilles - Little Voice

$8.99 (was $12.98-- save 31%!)
Available at:

Sara Bareilles is another singer-songwriter kicking butt on the iTunes charts with her CD entitled "Little Voice" (right). Sara is a remarkably talented singer, pianist, and lyricist, earning her comparisons to Alicia Keys, Sarah MacLachlan and Ben Folds. You will instantly identify with her songs because they are so universally true. Her music is a little soul, a little jazz, and a little pop all mixed together. Her single, "Love Song" is really catchy and fun, while the song "City" is so melancholy and beautiful. My favorite is "Come Round Soon," because it has that refrain that sticks in your mind until you can't listen to anything else BUT that song again.
My favesLove Song, City, Come Round Soon, Gravity (text links to the single in iTunes, where you can also hear a 30 second preview)

Feist - The Reminder
Feist - The Reminder

$7.99 (was $10.99-- save 27%!)
Available at:

Feist is a Canadian singer who has been in several bands including Kings of Convenience, Peaches, and Broken Social Scene. She has just released "The Reminder" (left), her third solo album. It's a very quiet collection of songs that really grow on you. It's tough to compare her music to any artist because it's so much her own. Maybe a tiny bit Bjork, and a little like Cat Power. I love this CD for quiet Sunday mornings, or late nights with a glass of wine and some much needed unwinding. Also perfect for spa music (a little tip- I love bringing in my own CDs for massages and spa treatments, this one is great!). Her music is beautifully crafted, and her voice is so delicate and emotive. The lyrics read like poetry. Just a really good CD to add to your collection.
My FavesI Feel It All, My Moon My Man, The Park, Brandy Alexander (text links to the single in iTunes, where you can also hear a 30 second preview)

Rock On,
Pearl C.

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