SJ (Hearts): Elle MacPherson Intimates Boyshorts

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Admittedly, I'm in a bit of a underwear rut. My fashion tastes may run the gamut from classic to whimsical, and my bras may come in the colors of the rainbow, but my underwear falls into one of two categories: Gap Body Low-Rise Hipsters or Cosabella Soire Low-Rider Thongs. That's it.

I really have been considering making a break for it, but I just haven't worked up the energy. Ruts are funny that way. When the folks over at Elle MacPherson Intimates-- the lingerie line designed by the supermodel of the same name-- offered to send over a sample of their new line I jumped on the chance. A break from the rut at last!

When I received the super frilly, ultra girly "Sheer Ribbons" Boyshort (top left) I was skeptical. Wow. This looks like real lingerie. A whole different world from my usual, utilitarian underwear choices. But, I was determined to give it a try. My first thought: these are sooo pretty. I feel like such a girly girl. I actually stopped and admired myself for a minute. I was suddenly a '50s pin-up girl, at once sexy and demure. Who knew underwear could do this?

Elle Macpherson Intimates Bohemia Cotton short
Elle MacPherson Intimates
Bohemia Cotton Boyshorts
Available at:

Not only are my Elle MacPherson boyshorts incredibly gorgeous, they are also unbelievably comfortable-- I wore them all day and have them on as I write this. This is amazing considering that I'm used to wearing Gap cotton panties on a daily basis. The big difference: when I went to the ladies and caught a glimpse of the beautiful black lace and sweet satin ribbons, I felt like a million bucks. Not a bad return for a $26.00 investment. Oh, and I did machine wash and line dry my "Sheer Ribbons" Boyshorts before wearing and they turned out just perfect. There's nothing like machine washable luxury!

After browsing the Elle MacPherson Intimates line online I settled on the stunning "Bohemia Cotton Boyshorts" (right) as my first out-of-the-rut lingerie purchase. So pretty. Oh, wait, did I already mention that?

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