New & Hot: Betsey Johnson Jewelry

Monday, September 10, 2007

Betsey Johnson Jewelry 'Charm School' Charm Bracelet
Maybe I'm a little behind the times, but when I think Betsey Johnson I think pink and yellow and bright and happy. In my mind, Betsey's always been about the lighter side of life... which may be part of the reason I've never owned a Betsey Johnson creation. I've never been much for the shiny happy fashion look.

Betsey Johnson Jewelry 'Charm School' Layered Necklace
Imagine my surprise when, after happening upon an outstanding goth-lite charm bracelet in the new arrivals section of, I found out that Betsey Johnson has recently embraced the dark side. There is a new line of Betsey Johnson fashion jewelry called "Charm School" and it's to die for. The look is layers of jet black charms and links interspersed with rich gold tones. A couple of my favorite pieces are pictured here, but there is more to be seen. The line also includes drop earrings, lucite cocktail rings, a second bracelet, and a less-layered version of the necklace. So perfect.

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