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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hurley "Maverick Stripe" Tank

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I was recently discussing what to wear to a '50s themed wedding reception (yeah, I don't know... tradition with a twist) with my "date"-- a guy I’ve known so long he's practically family; basically I'm invited so I can give him tips on how to hit on the bridesmaids. He told me that he couldn't just wear a suit because the suits in the '50s were so similar to suits today that the average person wouldn't notice the difference. I realized something. I think it might be nice to have that kind of timelessness to your wardrobe. It would certainly be cheaper in any case.

Since men can mostly count on their clothing staying in style, many men do not approach clothing shopping the same way as women do. Buying a dress, for instance, is never just buying a dress. A woman also has to consider all of the other things that go with it: shoes, jewelry, underwear, bag, hairstyle... how close to an appointment with her esthetician this soiree happens to be. Since she is now spending a small fortune, she will probably also take into account any other impending events which will require her to face the buying a dress routine again.

FULL TILT Womens Pin-Dot Tank - Teal/White
Full Tilt "Pin-Dot" Tank

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The wedding reception in November is for the Maid-of-Honor from Saturday's wedding, and seeing the same people = new outfit. Halloween costume has to be ordered by October 5 in case it has to be returned, altered, or accessorized. Oh, and then it's the holidays and never mind that she has to do something about finding more gym socks so she's not doing laundry every other day...

Ultimately what this means-- besides that men are justified in thinking women are neurotic when we shop-- is that, unless you have a bottomless wallet, you will be looking for places to cut on wardrobe costs at some point. There is actually an easy way to do this with your gym clothing.

PAUL FRANK Samurai Julius Womens Tee - Pink
Paul Frank "Samurai Julius" Tee

$12.97 (was $19.99-- save 35%!)
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This is, after all, clothing that you know is going to be soaked in sweat, covered in dirt, stretched/ pulled/ ripped, and whatever else as you put it through the paces of your workout. Why spend a lot here when you can spend a lot there?

So how can you skimp and still look hot on the weight room floor? One great way is sale shopping at boardshops. It’s hard to get any trendier, it's easy to find interesting cuts and bold prints to break you out of that block-color rut, AND you can usually find great pieces for around $10 a pop. Count me in!

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Moteph Tina Tank Top
Moteph "Tina" Tank

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Hurley Bloom Tee
Hurley "Bloom" Tee

$12.95 (was $22-- save 41%!)
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