Get Inspired by Glam Network Stories

Monday, October 15, 2007

Are you stuck in a career path that's just not "you?" Get inspired to follow your dreams with Glam Network Stories. Glam Media, together with Canon Pixma cameras, has assembled a group of inspirational bloggers who turned their hobby into full-fledged businesses. You can read their stories and see how they made their dream job a reality on

I was incredibly flattered to be picked by Glam and Canon to be featured as part of this truly inspirational group. You can read the story of how Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle was born, as well as stories from some of our favorite bloggers-turned-entrepreneurs, as part of the special feature.

While you're at it, why not visit our fellow featured bloggers:

I'm Not Obsessed! - Vera Sweeney
The Moms' Buzz - Adriana E. Calderon
Fashiontribes - Lesley Scott
FashMatch - Jonathan Gheller
Kineda - Terry & Tami Ng
Bag Snob - Tina Craig & Kelly Cook

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