Girl Talk: Body Moisturizers for Summer to Fall

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

There's nothing like the changing of the seasons to remind you to take better care of your skin. During the balmy days of summer it's easy to forget how fragile our skin really is. But, sure enough, as soon as the first chill of fall comes around we remember in a hurry that we really should be pampering our precious epidermis. It's that first dry, scaly itch that clues us in to the fact that it's time to break out the super moisturizer.

Philosophy Amazing Grace Body Lotion
Philosophy Amazing Grace
Available at:

Truthfully, I'm still using my "summer" moisturizer. But, I know that it's nearly time to switch over to a heavy duty cream. The question is which cream to try out first. In an effort to get some skin pampering inspiration I called in the Stiletto Jungle Girl Talk panel to share their favorite lotions and potions for keeping their skin soft and happy during the colder months. So, what say you ladies?

"Sephora knows what they are doing by giving you free samples," starts Pearl, a 29-year-old LA girl. "I got a free sample of Philosophy's Amazing Grace lotion and fell in love with it. It has a lightly perfumed scent that reminds me of my bubble bath that I used as a kid. So for nostalgic reasons, I absolutely love the lotion. It smells feminine and clean, without being too overpowering, and the lotion keeps my skin moisturized. For super dry days, I bring out the big guns and use Origins Birthday Suit. It's an oil, so I usually put this on after a shower, and before bedtime so the oil has time to seep into my skin overnight and it's not super oily in the morning. And this stuff smells terrific, with a mixture of spearmint, wintergreen, lemon, AND lavender!"

Ok, I think I might have to run out and get some of that Birthday Suit stuff. It sounds amazing. What about you Tina? Do you have an ultimate go-to lotion?

The Body Shop Body Butter
$10.00 - $20.00
Available at:

"I use different lotions at different times of the year," explains Tina, a 34-year-old San Diego attorney with a love for the outdoors. "In the summer I tend to go with something light that has aloe vera in it and a light spf. I am in the sun enough that I need all the help I can get. In the winter I pull out the heavy guns. I use Bath and Body Works Body Cream. It is thicker and really hydrates my skin. I really enjoy Moonlight Path scent. I try to put it on twice a day: once right after a warm shower in the morning and once right before bed.

I also have a trick to keep the skin soft and smooth even in cold weather. I use baby oil in the shower once or twice a week. I use just a small little bit on my legs and elbows and anywhere else I feel dry. It works really well with the warm steam in the shower. These are the tricks I have come up with. Now if you are in 'Arctic' cold-- remember I lived on the east coast and compared to San Diego that is FREEZING-- I suggest Body Shop Body Butter. That stuff is so thick and yummy in the cold freezing winter. I loved the shea butter."

Great tips Tina. And, by the way, I'm so glad I've never lived in the "Arctic" cold of the east coast. I don't think my thin Cali-native skin would make it.

Nivea Creme Tin
Nivea Creme Tin

Available at:

"My favorite body moisturizer is Nivea Body Creme," offers 23-year-old Kim. "It may be thick, but it gets the job done! I usually put it on after my morning shower and before I go to bed. It really does the best job moisturizing. It usually takes a while to absorb, but the difference can be felt after a couple of days. There are different kinds of Nivea moisturizers, but the best one is the one in the blue tin. It is the thickest and most potent of them all. One medium size blue tin can last a long time. What I love about Nivea the most is that you can buy little blue tins that come in handy for traveling purposes. I put them in my car and in my purse, just in case I need to moisten up or if I'm having trouble keeping my curls frizz-free. It is always nice to have a product that kills two birds with one stone!"

Ok, I really am going to try Nivea on my frizz prone locks. That's a fabulous tip. My skin thanks you all. I have some great ideas about how I'm going to make it through the cold of winter scale-free. Click on any photo or linked text to link directly to where you can purchase that cold weather moisturizer online. Don't miss any Girl Talk columns. Subscribe to Stiletto Jungle and get free updates by e-mail or RSS. Take Stiletto Jungle with you wherever you surf with the Stiletto Jungle Connect Toolbar featuring Google search.

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