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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Frutels Vitamins
Frutels Gummy Vitamins

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I am a firm believer that the single best thing we can do for our outside is to take really good care of our insides. In my case, my obsessive whole-grain-flax-seed-fresh-fruit-antioxident infested diet pretty much drives my entire family and most of my friends completely crazy. What can I say, I'm addicted to healthfulness.

Needless to say, when I heard about a new gummy vitamin designed to nourish our insides in order to combat acne and skin blemishes on the outside, I was ready to jump on the bandwagon. The recipe for better skin in a jiffy includes a range of vitamins from C to zinc-- literally-- and nutrients such as inositol and choline. Let's be real, I'm neither doctor nor nutritionist, so I can't comment on the ingredients. The only real question left for me? Would the gummies really deliver on their promise of better skin in just two weeks? I put the test out to the Stiletto Jungle Girl Talk panel: if you are plagued by skin that is less than perfect, why not give Frutels a try.

Now, I have to admit that none of us who went on the two-week Frutels regimen actually suffer from anything resembling acne. But, we do have predictable breakouts of the type that Frutels aims to eradicate. First up to bat: Tina, a 34-year-old attorney who sufferes from hormonally induced blemishes.

"My skin, like most women's, suffers from the fact that I am a woman. My monthly cycle is seen in my face and [controls] how often and extreme I break out," explains Tina. "I tend to have break outs at the same time of the month and they can be from minor to moderate. I decided to try two Frutels a day as a start to see how they worked.

I was ok with the idea of a gummy option. The only problem is that they don't taste all that great. The taste is really strong and has a not so pleasant odor. I had to brush my teeth immediately after taking the Frutels. Now with the bad smell and after taste aside, I did find they really did work. I was fast approaching a break out time and it came and went without incident. I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I like the idea of treating acne from the inside, but might prefer a pill if it didn't smell badly and didn't have a harsh after taste. Frutels do work and that was awesome, just not sure I could do it for the long term because of the taste and smell."

I agree with you on the smell issue, Tina. I usually have quite agreeable skin, but lately the 18 hour days and sleep deprivation have been a bit much for even my strict diet and fastidious skin care regime. The result? Stress-induced blemishes. I too tried the two Frutels a day routine-- the smallest dose recommended by Frutels, meant for minor blemishes. While the smell reminded me of the first time you open a new bottle of chewable vitamin C tablets, the taste had a citrus tinge that wasn't unpleasant at all and the gummy texture made remembering to take the vitamins-- even when away from a tall glass of water-- quite easy. The result? No blemishes from day two onward. Not too shabby.

Our final contestant was Kim, a 23-year-old who gets occasional blemishes thanks to the sweat-makeup-hair-product combo that results from a regular workout routine. So Kim, how did Frutels work for you?

"Frutels were great. I used up my entire supply and enjoyed chewing on gummy-like acne fixers," says Kim. "It was easy to remember to eat the Frutels, but they left a bitter after taste. I think Frutels did help me clear my skin a little bit, because I made an effort to seriously look at my before and after Frutels face. Frutels are a great idea for people who have a busy schedule and are gum chewers-- it satisfies the chewing/ nervous habit. I think Frutels are worth the price per container, but, I think the price should go down with a bigger quantity purchase. I thought it was great to chew on something that tasted like candy and was going to help out my skin at the same time. Better yet, the container was a bright color and it always stood out in the mornings, which helped me remember to eat a couple before work!"

Looks like an all-around good review for Frutels. Again, neither Tina, nor Kim, nor I have anything resembling acne, and you definitely should run all new vitamin regimens by your doctor before starting, but our experiences with Frutels were nothing but positive. Looking for a new way to treat your facial blemishes? Frutels may be just what you've been looking for.

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