New & Hot: Sexy Halloween Costumes at Frederick's

Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy October 1 ladies! So, what makes October 1 so special? It's the beginning of the 30-day countdown to Halloween!

Isn't it funny how Halloween changes as we get older? When we are kids, it's all about the candy. As adults, it becomes more about finding a costume that is equal parts fun and figure flattering so that we can make the party rounds without feeling fugly. It is really any wonder that most women take Halloween as their yearly opportunity to wear sexy lingerie in public without being branded a trashy whore? Come on, you know it's true. Ladies, if you are going to go the lingerie route this Halloween, might I suggest you head to the source to snag your lingerie-style costume.

Old school lingerie superstore Frederick's of Hollywood has a very good selection of sexy Halloween costumes available for purchase as either a complete costume, or as mix-and-match lingerie and accessories. Really, it's great. They even have sexy Halloween costumes for plus-size women! The costumes range from the expected French Maid and Sexy Doctor, to unexpected choices like Shanghai Girl and Sexy Fairy Princess. A few of our favorite sexy costumes a la Frederick's are pictured below.

Frederick's Sexy Ringmaster Costume
Racy Ringmaster Costume

Available at:

Frederick's Alluring Angel Costume
Sexy Angel Costume

Available at:

Frederick's Sexy French Maid Costume
French Maid Costume

Available at:

Frederick's Sexy Fraulein Costume
Fraulein Costume

Available at:

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