Girl Talk Reviews: Aliza Darik Shoe Clips

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Here at Stiletto Jungle we get requests to do product reviews on a daily basis. I'll be the first to say that some of the products we see do not meet our high standards, and when I first heard about Aliza Darik Shoe Clips I was pretty sure they would be one of those products we pass on. When I think shoe clips, I picture those truly fug creations that kids and grandmas wore in the '80s. You know what I'm talking about: polyester satin rosettes and such. Boy, did I have Aliza Darik wrong!

Aliza Darik makes what can only be characterized as couture shoe clips. Seriously gorgeous. Like jewels for your shoes. I fell in love with the pictures I saw on the Aliza Darik website and immediately agreed to give their shoe clips a try. Girl Talk panelists Kim and Tina volunteered to test drive Aliza Darik shoes clips with me. The results? Impressive.

Aliza Darik Shoe Clips
Modern Crystal Shoe Clips

Available at:

"The shoe clips were wonderful for more than one reason," starts Kim, a 23-year-old from La Jolla, California. "I thought they classed up my shoes a lot. First I wore them with some funky polka-dotted shoes which was fun. [see actual pics at right] After I put the shoe clips on them, they looked like Betsey Johnson shoes. I loved they way they grabbed everyone's attention while walking in La Jolla. People stopped me to ask me where I bought my shoes, and off course I told them about the Aliza Darik shoe clips. I loved mine because they were sparkly and outrageous. But, I like that there are other less blinged-out options. My clips were suitable for my personality, so I even used them on my jackets as a cuff-link. I took a plain winter coat and added some spunk to it by using the clips as cuff-links. It was perfect for work and satisfied my accessory usage for the day.

On another day I toned down my look and used the clips on a pair of plain black pointy shoes. [see actual pics at right] I wore the shoes with a nice pair of black capris and a white-collared shirt. This look was stunning and the clips on the shoes gave the look an edgy feel. It made my plain worn out black shoes look like a brand new pair of Weitzmans-- now that's worth it! I really think the shoe clips are sturdy and worth the purchase price. If there is something that the shoe clip did is that it made old shoes look newer, and made a plain outfit more edgy without having to sew anything on or buy a whole new outfit. Therefore, this product gets a big two-thumbs up from me."

Aliza Darik Shoe Clips
Brown Satin Shoe Clips

Available at:

"Ok, so I wore them yesterday with my outfit and received a few compliments," says Tina, a 34-year-old San Diego attorney. "They stayed on all day. [It] was actually a concern that they would not.

I think they are adorable and make a plain pair of shoes more of a dressy option. I like them, I am not sure I would pay $20 for them, but they are cute. I did show some of the ladies at work and they loved them too. It really is a great idea."

Aliza Darik Shoe Clips
Green Turquoise Shoe Clips

Available at:

I tried the green turquoise stones and I really liked the fact that they added instant spice to my plain brown leather platform pumps. I wore my newly pumped up shoes with trouser jeans and a simple, slim chocolate sweater. The green stones really did make the outfit.

I love the idea of shoe clips as a way to literally double your shoe wardrobe. The exact same pair of clips can vibe totally different with each pair of shoes you try them with. I adored the green stones, but I'm excited to try some of the more exotic Aliza Darik shoes clips, like the oversized silk orchids or the giraffe print chiffon poufs. Shoe clips could become my new accessory obsession!

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