SJ Road Test: Rejuvawand Week 2

Thursday, November 01, 2007


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Welcome to Week 2 of my Rejuvawand Road Test. As I explained last week, I'm a sucker for new beauty tools and products and I jumped at the chance to give this "alternative to Botox" a try for myself. Check out my Week 1 introduction for more information on this new wonder product.

The biggest thing I've noticed about Week 2 is how hard it is for a person like me to develop a schedule when it comes to a product like Rejuvawand. For optimal effectiveness, you are supposed to use Rejuvawand at roughly 24 hour intervals alternating between the red light and infrared light therapies. It's been hard to carve out the same 20 minutes each and every evening.

Ok, I know what your next question is going to sound like: "20 minutes, I thought this was a 4 minute product?" It is a 4 minute treatment, but that's 4 minutes for each area you are treating. I have decided to wage war on both sides of my "smile lines" and a particularly nasty scowl line in my forehead all at once. That adds up to about 20 minutes a night when you factor in washing my face and applying the RejuvaGel. As I'm fidgeting and aching to get back to my life outside of beauty treatments, I calm myself by remembering that this is so much better than that frozen Botox look.

Time issues aside, the treatment is easy and comfortable. I'm starting to see the beginnings of what may be actual improvement. Of the two sides of my "smile lines" one side has always been a little deeper than the other because of a nasty habit I have of biting the inside of one of my cheeks when I'm deep in thought. Well, the less deep side has almost disappeared. It looks plumper-- in a good way, like that youthful teenage plumpness that we all wanted to disappear, until it was gone and we wished it was still there. I'm hoping the trend will continue to to my other wrinkly spots.

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