SJ Road Test: Rejuvawand Weeks 3 & 4

Saturday, November 17, 2007


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As many of you know, I have been road testing the Rejuvawand system for the past four weeks. I'm determined to stick it out for a full 6 weeks, just like the directions suggest. I've waited to combine weeks 3 and 4 because it's hard to see a real difference week to week.

Now that I'm on week 4, I have seen some improvement, although not as dramatic as I had hoped. I will admit that I have skipped a total of 4 days over the past two weeks. I know, I'm a bad road tester. But, I figure the average woman is unlikely to keep up treatments every single day. So, really, I'm just giving it a true road test.

I've narrowed my focus down to the "smile lines" around my mouth. The lines extend from my nostrils to down below my lower lip line, which are way deeper than my chronological age would lead you to believe. A wonderful by-product of a lifelong habit of biting my inner cheeks when I'm deep in thought or stressed out. I've concentrated my Rejuvawand therapy on the area around the corners of my mouth and a definite difference in wrinkle depth has developed between the area closer to my nostrils and the are around my lips, which can only be due to my attempts at eliminating the wrinkled area directly around my lips. I hope to get some digital pics to come out in time for my Weeks 5 and 6 report. Stay tuned!

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