SJ Road Test: Conair Infiniti Nano Silver Hair Straightener

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Conair Ionic Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener
Conair Nano Silver Hair Straightener

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Have I ever mentioned that I'm insanely clumsy? No, not in the cute Fergie song kind of way. Nope, I'm clumsy in the run into walls, trip over my own feet kind of way. Needless to say, beauty rituals that involve extreme dexterity-- such as liquid eyeliner and flat ironing my own hair-- are a little beyond me. As a fan of the straight hair look, I do own a quite nice flat iron and use it on occasion, but it takes a lot of thought. I just can't get it to perform the way my stylist can, so I try to leave the molten-hot metal plate action in her capable hands.

Until this week. As part of my road test of the new Conair Silver Nano line of ionic/ ceramic/ tourmaline hair styling tools I was asked to take their hair straightener for a spin. It was bound to be interesting. Knowing that my rushed early morning routine was no place to attempt ironing my hair, I waited until the weekend and then packed up my new straightener and headed to my parents' house. I needed a guinea pig to help me warm up. I sat my mom-- and her two inch long curly hair-- down and set out to learn the ins and outs of my new toy.

My first revelation was that, unlike my own flat iron, the new Conair Nano straightener has incredibly easy to understand heat settings. My old flat iron forces me to choose a temperature between 250 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Nano Silver gave me a simple chart with four heat settings and the corresponding hair types for each setting, which range from "delicate, thin, easy to straighten" to "hard to straighten" with stops in between for treated hair and thick/ wavy hair. Also nice is the fact that Nano Silver comes with a heat-resistant carrying pouch and a fold away heat resistant mat to place your iron on while it is heating up. This was very convenient since I decided to give the iron a try in the dining room.

I set the iron to low to try on my mom's delicate, color treated hair. It heated up very quickly; I'd say less than 3 minutes. I was able to straighten my mom's entire head in under 10 minutes, and never once did the plates snag or catch in her hair. The process was so quick and easy that I was amazed: either I was a now a hair straightening genius or ironing someone else's hair is a whole lot easier than doing your own. I decided it was time to give it a try on myself. The results? Equally fabulous. I was able to iron my long, wavy hair on the lowest setting (to my complete amazement) and in just one pass per section. My hair was shiny, and straight, with minimal effort. I hereby crown the new Conair Nano Silver Straightener "clumsy-proof."

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