Girl Talk Reviews: Sothys Hydroptimale Hydrating Serum

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sothys skincare
As regular spa-goers know, French label Sothys is a staple of the spa skincare experience. For 60 years Sothys has been one of the best loved spa lines and Sothys signature spas are world renowned. With a reputation like that, it's easy to assume that everything that comes from the house of Sothys must be golden. So, when Sothys offered to let the Stiletto Jungle Girl Talk panel try out their brand new Sothys Hydroptimale THI3 line, we jumped at the chance to give it a real-world once over.

The new Hydroptimale line consists of a mask, serum, and two different weights of cream. The Girl Talk panel tested the Hydroptimale Serum, a hydration concentrate designed to be worn under moisturizer in order to boost hydration and optimize the efficiency of moisturizer. According to Sothys, clinical studies have shown that use of the entire Hydroptimale line results in up to 26% improvement in hydration after just one treatment, and 76% improvement after 4 sessions. Sounds promising, but could the Serum alone create a real difference in the skin of our real-world ladies?

"I am sorry to say, as a Southern California lady, I do not use a face moisturizer. I always feel they are too greasy and leave my face feeling oily, but I tried Sothys Hydrating Serum for two weeks and... what a difference!" says Michelle, a 41-year-old Orange County nurse. "It does not leave my face feeling greasy or oily and my makeup goes on so much smoother. It also seems to have helped my large pore issues. As far as price, I have checked around and the price is comparable to most high end moisturizers. I will continue using Sothys and check out all of their other products. So, for all you ladies who dislike that oily, greasy feeling I suggest you try Sothys Hydrating Serum. And this coming from the lady who does not like face moisturizers!"

Sothys Hydroptimale THI3 Hydrating Serum
Sothys Hydroptimale Serum

$46.80 - $60.00
Available at:

"So, the whole lead in lipstick scandal sort of ruined me, sadly," starts Hannah, a 31-year-old freelance writer from Corona, California. "So I've started reading labels, which really kind of sucks because who has time for this? Anyway, the Sothys Hydroptimale Serum comes with a pamphlet which says the product moisturizes by using a 'vegetal osmolyte' to 'balance the water provision of the cells by osmotic action,' and a 'molecular patch' to 'continuously diffuse an innovative hydrating ingredient.' I've gotta tell you, as someone with a background in chemistry, biology, and genetics my suspicions were aroused.

... Not being a dermatologist though, I started doing research. After reading a bunch of really boring dermatology and bio-chemistry articles-- and Hydroptimale's ingredient list-- I am not convinced the science is behind this product quite the way they say it is. I could be wrong, it may be perfectly legit and I just haven't found the supporting research yet. But if this product really did work in the way Sothys says it does, why would you ever need another moisturizer? Why would you need a serum to boost the efficiency of the other products as this one claims to? And wouldn't everyone have heard about it already? I did try it, by the way: I saw no difference, worse or better, in the condition of my skin."

"Sothys face serum was amazing," gushes Kim, a 23-year-old advertising sales director from La Jolla, California. "It worked wonders on my skin. I could feel and see an immediate difference once I started using this product. My skin looks refreshed and hydrated at all times. I started Sothys 3 weeks ago, and I will continue using it everyday. The texture of the serum was very light. It went on smooth, but you could barely feel it seeping into your pores-- that's what was so nice! The Serum did not have an odor, which helped, because it didn't interfere with any other products I use. I will definitely re-order this product and recommend it to my friends and family."

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