New & Hot: "Ripped Off By Chanel" Bracelet by Jessica Kagan Cushman

Monday, January 28, 2008

Jessica Kagan Cushman 'Ripped Off By Chanel' Resin Bangle
Jessica Kagan Cushman
"Ripped Off" Bangle

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Followers of fashion are getting kind of used to the overwhelming amount of fake goods on the market. It's sad, really. Every time you turn around you run into another not-so-real Louis Vuitton handbag, or Lacoste shirt, or Burberry trench. Ripped off by two-bit companies without an ounce of creativity to call their own. But the idea of a big name designer ripping off someone else? Now that's news.

Back in early 2007, when we heard that mega-label Chanel had ripped off the completely original-- and absolutely fabulous-- designs of scrimshaw artist Jessica Kagan Cushman we made sure that Stiletto Jungle readers got the real scoop. That's the kind of fashion world gossip that just begs to be shared and the whole incident really cemented our love of Jessica's stylishly fun designs.

Fast-forward to late 2007. We reported that Jessica Kagan Cushman had just released a new collection of affordable resin replicas of her gorgeous scrimshaw bangles. Finally we could indulge in a JKC original without breaking the bank!

Now we're super excited to bring you a brand new Jessica Kagan Cushman resin bangle design, and this one's too good to pass up. This time around Jessica has decided to celebrate the very rare accomplishment of being totally ripped off by one of the most famous fashion labels of all time with the "Ripped Off By Chanel" bracelet. Jessica, with this sassy new design, we love you even more.

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