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Monday, January 07, 2008

Grand Mademoiselle Shoe Blog
Few things in life can make a woman feel like a million like a new pair of shoes. Having a bad day? Breeze into the nearest shoe store, snag a hot pair of trendy pumps, and you've got yourself an instant mood lift. But, what's a girl to do when the only pumps in her size have "orthopedic" written all over them?

Yep, I'm talking about the plight of the larger footed woman. Just because a lady's got larger feet doesn't mean that she's ready to toss style out the door. Some of our favorite celebrity fashionistas are saddled with larger-than-average feet. Check out these stats: celebutante Paris Hilton sports a size 11; Uma Thurman, also an 11; supermodel Heidi Klum, yet another 11; mega mogul Oprah Winfrey dons a size 10; and super cutie singer-turned-actress Mandy Moore is also a size 10. None of these ladies seem to have problems finding super chic shoes in their size, so what's their secret?

I called upon J Abbott, the blogger behind Grand Mademoiselle Shoe Blog, to take us on a virtual shopping trip to one of her favorite stores for larger sized shoes-- Barefoot Tess. Our girl J describes herself on her blog as "a discerning woman of impeccable taste, graced with a large shoe size and plagued by the lack of selection in fashionable, designer footwear to accommodate her God-given gifts." She started Grand Mademoiselle to help her fellow large-footed fashionistas find fabulous shoes. Sounds like she's the perfect person to help us track down some trendy shoes that are also available in larger sizes. Here's what she found:

Loeffler Randall Olivia Boot
Loeffler Randall "Olivia" Boot

Available at:

"Loeffler Randall is the ultimate in luxury, and these mod-inspired boots are perfect for the winter/spring transition with their cool gray hue. I wear mine with everything..."

Corso Como Vienna Heel
Corso Como "Vienna" Heel

Available at:

"These Corso Como booties are so chic and I just adore the Oxford lacing and subtle patent piping. They look amazing with trouser jeans!"

Delman Beila Heel
Delman "Beila" Heel

Available at:

"3" of black patent leather... need I say more?"

Love From Australia Nomad Boots
Love From Australia "Nomad" Boots

Available at:

"Like Uggs but so much cooler! The lacing and oversized tongue makes these shearling-lined boots irresistible!"

French Sole Rebel flats
French Sole "Rebel" Flats

Available at:

"Aside from being almost identical to Tod's ballet flats, these FSNY's are stunning and perhaps the most versatile and comfortable pair of shoes I've ever owned."

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