Girl Talk Reviews: Dreaming Tommy Hilfiger Fragrance

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tommy Hilfiger Dreaming 1.7-oz. Eau de Parfum
Dreaming Tommy Hilfiger 1.7oz.
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It seems like there is a new fragrance hitting the shelves every other week. Trying to figure out which new scents are actually worth the effort of a test run could practically be a full-time job. Who has time for that? Well, we can't try every fragrance for you, but you can cross one new scent off of your pre-investigation list.

We turned three members of the Stiletto Jungle Girl Talk Panel loose with the brand new Dreaming Tommy Hilfiger fragrance and scented lotion, and asked them to come back a week later with their honest opinion of this new scent. The new Dreaming Tommy Hilfiger is a feminine scent featuring notes of Peach, Freesia, Tuberose, White Hibiscus, White Woods, and Orris (which is derived from the Iris plant). So ladies, was Dreaming all that you-- um-- dreamed it would be?

"I love this new scent," says 34-year-old Tina, a San Diego-based attorney. "It has some nice florals without being sweet and without turning after you put it on. I have been wearing it every day since it arrived and have received several compliments. It is feminine without being sickly sweet or too spicy. I think it is a great scent."

Feminine. Understated floral. Sounds good so far. So, is this an everyday scent, or special occasions only?

"I wore the perfume and lotion to work all week," starts Michelle, a 43-year-old nurse. "Take note: I wore it to work, not out on the town. I thought it was more of a everyday to wear-to-work scent. I did not receive any compliments on how nice I smelled. I thought I smelled nice, but it kind of reminded me of a perfume my sister might have wore back in high school. I would definitely buy it for a gift for a younger woman. Say, 16 to 18-year-old."

It sounds like Dreaming might be best suited for someone who prefers lighthearted scents for everyday wear. What did you think, Kim? Did Dreaming do it for you?

Tommy Hilfiger Dreaming 6.7-oz. Body Lotion
Dreaming Tommy Hilfiger Lotion

Available at:

"[For me,] Dreaming Tommy Hilfiger got the job done, and more," offers Kim M., a 24-year-old from Del Mar, California. "I love the name, Dreaming. It goes very well with the perfume because the perfume smells similar to a field of flowers. The scent is very light, like something you would put on during the day or before a date. It's not an intimidating perfume, but very welcoming.

Overall, I was impressed by this alluring and feminine fragrance. It has a very fresh, sophisticated smell to it. The fragrance lingered with me all day, but didn't have that annoying intense smell. I would definitely wear this fragrance again. I especially loved the result of using the lotion and perfume together. I used the lotion on my arms and knees and sprayed perfume over it. This helped make the scent more potent, and made it last longer. The lotion had a silky texture to it. It went on smoothly and absorbed into my skin quickly. I had no complaints about Dreaming, and as a matter of fact, I will be telling all my friends about it!"

The verdict? It looks like Dreaming Tommy Hilfiger is a perfect scent for ladies looking for a light, feminine fragrance that is suitable for everyday wear and not at all overwhelming. Sound like your cup of tea? Dreaming might be just what you've been looking for.

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