FOUND: Leighton Meester's Gold Gossip Girl Dress

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Funny thing about watching re-runs: you always see things the third time around that you missed the first two. Since Gossip Girl-- my favorite televised fashion indulgence since Sex and the City-- is in repeat land until April 21, I'm on my third watching of most episodes. Tonight's repeater: Roman Holiday, the Christmas episode. Between re-runs and TiVo, I thought I had gleaned all I could from this wintery episode, but I was wrong.

Tibi St. Honore Dress
Tibi "St. Honore" Dress

$159.50 (was $319-- save 50%!)
Available at:

As I sat, absentmindedly glancing at the screen while surfing for online sales, I suddenly recognized a dress that I had not identified before. The chic metallic gold minidress worn by Leighton Meester to Blair's mother's holiday party. I know that dress. I've seen that dress before. In fact, I think I've tried on that dress before.

Want to steal Leighton Meester as Blair's Gossip Girl clothing style for your very own? She's wearing the St. Honore Dress from Tibi. This lovely gold floral dress is perfect for parties, dinners, and general nights out on the town. Want to add your own special touch? Try a brooch at the neckline, just like Blair.

Think that dressing like a Gossip Girl character has to cost a fortune? Not true. This Upper East Side-worthy frock is currently on sale for 50% off retail price. Hurry, sizes are selling out fast. Click on the photo to link directly to where you can purchase the Tibi St. Honore Dress, as seen on Leighton Meester as Blair on Gossip Girl, online and on sale.

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