FOUND: Nicole Richie's Swirl Tank Dress

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nicole Richie wearing Karen Zambos

I know it's a pretty worn out observation, but starlets have this amazing ability to drop baby weight in the blink of an eye. Ok, so any woman with access to personal trainers, nutritionists, and private chefs-- plus a nanny to ensure that you have time to enjoy all of the special treatment-- could probably pull off a similar miracle. But, since we mere mortals don't see the hard work, the superstar post-baby transformation looks all the more miraculous.

The latest lady to pull of a rapid post-childbirth bounce back is Nicole Richie. Nicole was a tiny little thing before baby, but she gained weight just like any other woman. Now, mere months after giving birth, Nicole is tiny once more. It's looney. Having never had a child, I can't really hate her. But, knowing what friends and family members have gone through to lose post-baby weight, I admire her bounce-back-ability.

Karen Zambos Swirl Tank Dress
Karen Zambos Swirl Dress

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Certainly it doesn't hurt that Nicole Richie knows how to dress. Fabulous clothing will go a long way towards making you look amazing regardless of the current state of your body. Recently Nicole was snapped out and about in a flowing silk tank dress that grazed her new found curves, while showing off her slender limbs. A smart, and quite fashionable choice for a new mom on the go.

Want to steal Nicole Richie's silk tank dress style? She's wearing the new Swirl Tank Dress from Karen Zambos. This gorgeous tank is designed as a mini-dress, but it would be equally fabulous belted over skinny jeans. The stunning print is daring enough to carry the entire outfit, no flashy jewelry or crazy accessories needed. Nicole is definitely one smart momma!

Click on the photo at right to link directly to where you can purchase the Karen Zambos Swirl Tank Dress, as seen on Nicole Richie, online.

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