Girl Talk Reviews: AminoGenesis Tripeptinon Facial Lift Capsules

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

AminoGenesis Tripeptinon Facial Lift Capsules
AminoGenesis Tripeptinon Capsules

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The worst part of getting older? That's easy: watching your face head for the floor. Sagging, wrinkling, and gobs of loose skin. Really, there's tons of fun to be had. Wouldn't it be nice if there really was such a thing as a face lift in a bottle?

Fat chance. But there are many new products on the market that promise to improve those nasty first signs of aging skin. Once such product is the brand new AminoGenesis Tripeptinon Facial Lift Capsules. These capsules are designed to lift, firm, and strengthen facial connective tissues to provide you with the most youthful skin possible. Eager to see if this new product could deliver, I set up three members of the Stiletto Jungle Girl Talk Panel with a one-month supply of AminoGenesis Tripeptinon and asked them to come back with their verdict.

"I've been using AminoGenesis for about three weeks now and I am enjoying the way it makes my skin feel very soft and smooth," says 42-year-old Michelle from Huntington Beach, California. "I go to the tanning salon a couple times a week [which leads to drier skin], and AminoGenesis has been one of the best moisturizers I've ever used for my face. It's comparable to Sothys. As far as my fine lines and wrinkles, it's made them softer and less noticeable, but I'm not to sure about a 'face lift' though. I don't feel like my face is firmer, just smoother. It was fairly easy to use, but a pump container would be ideal. I didn't notice any smell at all. It reminded me of vitamin E oil as far as the texture, but not the price! I'd say it's just not a must have for me."

"I've used the AminoGenesis faithfully since I received it" starts Kim V., a 47-year-old Orange County native. "I do recommend cutting the tip [of the capsule] off with scissors rather than breaking the tip off to avoid losing much of the product. I used half of the capsule as the entire capsule was a bit too much for my skin type. It goes on oily, but diminishes quickly. I have not noticed a firm lift to my face as the product claims to do, but it has definitely improved my face. It is looking more hydrated with a softer look and touch. I recommend the product for women who lack moisture and softness in their skin."

"Well, after trying the AminoGenesis regularly, I have to say I didn't really notice that much of a difference" offers 31-year-old Jennifer, a Long Beach, California, nurse. "It may have helped my fine lines and crows feet, but not enough to venture away from my regular regime and not enough for a significant change. I did, however, like the feel of it. At first I was hesitant because initially it's very oily, but I noticed it was a dry oil and soaked in really fast. I was disappointed also that there was no fragrance to it. Some people I'm sure would appreciate that, but I like my moisturizers to smell clean and fresh. With that being said, it may work for someone with a different skin type, but not so much for me."

Final result? Looks like AminoGenesis Tripeptinon is an excellent moisturizer, but, after one month, there doesn't seem to be a lifting effect.
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