No-Slip Strapless Bras: 2 Smart Picks

Saturday, March 16, 2013

With the warm weather comes fun, flirty wardrobe options. Spare tanks; sporty tube tops; sultry strapless dresses. The options are fabulous, but the mechanics can get a little tricky. For all but the most boyish figures, these fashion choices require sporting the dreaded strapless bra.

Few underpinnings inspire negative feelings like the strapless bra. Strapless bras slip, or bind, or twist. I usually find my strapless bra floating somewhere around my lower rib cage within four hours of putting it on. When I brought up the subject to Pearl, one of our contributing writers, she let loose.

"Hell if I know about strapless bras. I have never met a strapless bra that I loved," offered an exasperated Pearl. "Most leave these hideous marks on my shoulders and I vow to quit wearing them... until the next cute tube top presents itself."

Determined to find some strapless bras that actually stay put and do their job, I asked the rest of our writers for suggestions. The results: two new strapless bras to try out this summer.

Jules's Pick: Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Plunge Multi-Way Bra
"Summer nights... They are as equally our romantic dinner date friend as much as the foe of the fantastic strapless dress of the evening. Maybe it's just us girls who notice that hideous bra strap popping out of an outfit's most perfect design?" muses Jules. "I am unsure if guys notice, but someone is constantly trying to come up with the bra that doesn't make you look like you're squeezed into a size too small or does lift and stay in all the right places causing heads to turn... for a good-reasoned second glance.

I admit, I have had my share of strapless dress faux pas moments, especially since my large bust is not so easily accommodated by gravity and magic holding up those typically flimsy strapless numbers. I think I have discovered a minor miracle, or at least an intro to one though. Try the Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Plunge Multi-Way Bra.

'Wear it as a plunge, two-strap, one-shoulder, racerback, crossback, boatneck, crisscross front, halter - it's convertibility for total versatility,' says the Victoria's Secret website! I can admit, this sounded sketchy at the store - but it works! Up to a size 38DD, ladies can finally have comfort in knowing their bust is undercover. How can you go wrong with one bra for every fashion's needs? Does it come with a personal shopper to pick the new wardrobe too?"

No-Slip Strapless Bras - Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Plunge Multi-Way Bra

→ Buy the Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Plunge Multi-Way Bra, $52.00 - $65.00, at

Po's Pick: Wacoal Strapless Convertible Bra
"I love the Wacoal Strapless Convertible Bra in beige," offers Po. "I love this particular bra because it is incredibly comfortable and never slips off. The top edge of the bra has a lining that comfortably sticks to my skin. I don't think I've seen that on any other bra in my life, even other strapless ones.

Also, the lacy beige color matches very well with my skin. I can wear it under some shirts that are supposed to be translucent and keep the translucent style without revealing my bra. I bought this bra at Macy's on a day I desperately needed a strapless bra and had no time to shop around, so this was an unexpected great discovery."

No-Slip Strapless Bras - Wacoal Halo 65449 Strapless Convertible Underwire Bra

→ Buy the Wacoal Halo 65449 Strapless Convertible Underwire Bra, $44.00, at; shipping and returns are free.

Editor's Note: This originally appeared on May 8, 2008. It has since been updated.