FOUND: Halle Berry's Obama Rama Tee

Monday, June 30, 2008

Halle Berry wearing Public Library Obama Tee

While many Hollywood stars are politically outspoken, particularly this election year, few wear their political affiliation on their sleeve like Halle Berry. Miss Halle has been spotted numerous times sporting tees in support of presidential candidate Barack Obama. And, being a good little fashionista, no regular campaign shirt will do for Halle.

Halle Berry is all about Obama tees that have been specially designed by hip clothing companies. We've previously covered Halle's fave designer campaign-wear from Sir Alistair Rai. This time around Halle's been spotted in the newest campaign tee from super trendy tee shirt label Public Library.

Public Library Obama Rama Tee
Public Library "Obama Rama" Tee

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Public Library, which also created the Hello Kitty Chanel No. 5 tee we raved about back in January, is known for fun and funky tees that play on pop culture icons. This new campaign tee is no different. This recently released tee celebrates "Obama Rama 08" in grey with pink lettering, with a likeness of Barack Obama himself. Yes, it looks quite a bit like a summer festival concert tee, but it's strangely fitting-- don't you think?

Click on either photo to link directly to where you can purchase the Public Library "Obama Rama" tee, as seen on Halle Berry, online.

Update 8/28/08: Check out Halle Berry's latest Barack Obama tee-- the Local Celebrity "Barack the Vote" tee.