Girl Talk: The Color of Summer

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

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The time has come to banish drab and dreary colors to the back of the closet. It's summertime and that means the time is right to brighten up your wardrobe with candy colors. With choices that rival the fabulous 64-color Crayola box of our childhood, summer's palette can be overwhelming. So, what is the color of summer? I asked the Stiletto Jungle Girl Talk panelists to weigh in on their favorite hues of the season.

"Summertime is the season for color. It seems like all winter my wardrobe consists of these muted colors... well not as badly as it did in NYC, but the blacks, browns, grays all grown a bit dull by March," offers 23-year-old Jules, a San Diego-based modeling agent. "This summer I could think of nothing more than beautiful bright blue colors. Growing up by the beach I’ve always loved the aqua or deep colored water and can’t seem to get enough of it. While shopping on I got a fabulous blue dress with purple embroidery, the Embroidered Caftan Dress for only $55 – people keep asking if I got it on my vacation in Hawaii! Now anything that can make me look like I just stepped out of paradise, I’m interested in!

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The beyond gorgeous Ariella Collection Cubic Zirconia Cushion Ring [top left] for $48 on takes me back to the crystal aqua water instantly. Also, while online shopping the other day, I found a new line called Aviator Nation. Check it out on Aviator Nation has a fabulous vintage inspired sweat line of casual clothes for the summer with splashes of bright blues -- and why not when Lindsay Lohan loves the brand! Whether or not some people think turquoise and bright blues are too wild, I find them essential every summer and always stocked in the trendiest stores. There’s just something about a bright splash of blue in a top or an accessory that lights up the room – try it today!"

"I'm loving light green this summer," says 47-year-old Kim V. of Orange County, California. "Tops, sandals, jewelry and bags... it seems to catch my eye everywhere I go!"

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"I love coral and turquoise for the summer. They are such uplifting colors!" offers 24-year-old Kim M. of Del Mar, California. "I find coral and turquoise beautiful together and they draw people in. Every time I walk into a store, these two colors catch my eye. There are a lot of dresses and fun accessories that I have seen in turquoise and coral. Both colors look great with earth tones and other fun bright colors, such as yellow and lime green.

I think with the heat these colors add some more excitement to an already exciting season. I bought a great pair of earrings in turquoise from Banana Republic, and some fun coral bracelets that I found at Macy's. When I wear the earrings and the bracelet together, they add a wild edge to my outfit. I also purchased a great turquoise and brown Gucci bag years ago that I carry every time I bust out with these amazingly flattering colors!"