Review: Out-Ease Struts Keep Hems in Check

Monday, July 28, 2008

--By Kim Moshtaghi

Out-Ease Struts
Out-Ease Struts

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I always get my pant hems caught in my mules-- it's so annoying. Finally, a product that takes care of the problem! Out-Ease struts are great. Before I knew about Out-Ease struts I solved the problem by rolling up my jeans when wearing mules or wearing capris with mules.

I think Out-Ease struts did a pretty good job keeping my pants from getting caught in my shoes. It did stay put through some walking and sitting down, but I didn't go dancing with them on. But, even though I wasn't involved in much physical activity when using the Out-Ease Struts, it seems like they would survive through a night of partying.

The looks aren't anything to like or dislike-- for me it was more important that it got the job done. But, it was nice that the Struts were clear and hardly noticeable. I would definitely use Out-Ease Struts again, and will recommend this product to all my friends. This is a product every woman should have in her home or shoe closet (for the lucky ladies), just in case you or a friend need it. The price is right and the problem gets solved. At only $12.95 for a 5-pack, buy an extra one for a friend or your mom!