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Monday, August 04, 2008

Body Bronze M.D. Bronze Self -Tanner & Instant Bronzer
Body Bronze M.D. Bronze Lotion

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Body Bronze

It's summer. The sun is shining and we're all sporting our favorite skirts, shorts and bikinis. And we all want glowing bronze skin. Even those of us who swore off sun years ago in hopes of preserving our youth and preventing skin cancer... we still wish our skin was a deep shade of sun tan brown. What's a health-conscious fashionista to do?

We all know the options. Smelly lotions and sprays, scary booths, body bronzers that rub off on our pretty summer clothes. Sure, all are better than frying our skin with harmful sun rays, but they are hardly aesthetically pleasing. It's time for a new option.

Meet the next generation of sunless tanning: Body Bronze. Body Bronze products were developed by a dermatologist and a skin cancer patient in order to to provide physicians with the most unique self-tanning product on the market. Body Bronze products have been exclusively available to physician's offices and medi-spas since 2002, but with the launch of the new Body Bronze website, these hot products are now available to the masses! Body Bronze products have won praise from publications like 944 and Ironman magazines and doctor's offices throughout the country, and Body Bronze products were even selected as the official sunless tanning product of the Grammy Gift Baskets. Pretty impressive, right?

So, what makes Body Bronze so special? Body Bronze is designed to create the most natural looking tan for all skin types, instantly. The unique formula is non-greasy, streak-free and quick drying. Plus-- and this is pretty big-- there's absolutely no funky odor. Body Bronze has even been successfully used by vitiligo patients to color skin that has been robbed of natural pigment.

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