Review: Nina Garcia's The One Hundred

Monday, September 08, 2008

The One Hundred - Nina Garcia
The One Hundred

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As much fun as it is to carefully craft your personal style by choosing each new addition to your wardrobe, do you ever wish that someone would just hand you a shopping list? You know, a must-have list of all of the things that you absolutely should have in your closet. A starting place, like the lab list you used to get at the beginning of the semester in college. If a must-have list has been your wish, consider it granted.

The brand new book The One Hundred from noted fashion editor and Project Runway star Nina Garcia is nothing less than a checklist of the 100 wardrobe basics that form the foundation of a true fashionista's wardrobe. Each entry represents one classic wardrobe addition, from what it is, to which labels to look for, to how it should fit and what you can wear it with. The list is so well laid out that, as I was reading it, I felt compelled to bust out a pencil to start checking off the items I already have and starring the items I want to buy first.

Unlike so many fashion books, The One Hundred steers clear of naming current trends as "must-haves". No cheap tricks to boost book sales. The One Hundred is 100% true to its mission of being a "guide to the pieces every stylish woman must own." Entries are arranged in alphabetical order, with no hint of hierarchy amongst the 100 choices. From A-Line Dress and Animal Print, to Yoga Gear and Zippered Hoodie, The One Hundred covers the true basics, with the kind of details that make the list less academic and more entertaining. Entries include fun facts, pop culture references, cocktail party worthy "Fashion 101" tidbits, and even exact phrases to Google to come up with celeb pictures illustrating the wardrobe items.

Although I doubt you'll believe me until you read it for yourself, The One Hundred is truly a book for every woman, with any budget and any lifestyle, who wants to build a fashionable wardrobe. I highly recommend The One Hundred as a trusty guide to fashion basics for all.