Review: Tommy Hilfiger Hilfiger Cologne for Him

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

--By Kim Moshtaghi

Tommy Hilfiger Hilfiger Collection Eau de Toilette
Tommy Hilfiger Hilfiger for Him

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I was recently able to test out Hilfiger, the new Tommy Hilfiger cologne for men. Personally, I liked it, but it wasn't favorite scent for a man. I did spray it on myself for a couple days to review it fairly. At the same time, I had four male friends apply it a for a couple days to give me some additional feedback.

All four friends gave positive reviews. They all felt similarly about the cologne. They felt that it was a fresh smelling cologne with a citrus splash. One thing that I liked about the cologne is that it wasn't overwhelming. Sometimes it can be unbearable to be around someone who has drenched themselves in the cologne. The Hilfiger cologne is a shower fresh cologne that seemed to be a hit with my four male friends. Although my four friends are all different, they all said they would purchase the Tommy Hilfiger cologne. They thought it was something they could wear everyday and anywhere, because it wasn't an intense smell and wouldn't offend anyone. They liked how the smell lasted and didn't drift away after an hour, but didn't give them allergies like some colognes do.

Also, I noticed the cologne had a hint of spice to it. I really liked that, because it makes it more masculine. I would describe it as a squeaky clean cologne smell with a splash of citrus and bold spice. Overall, Hilfiger did a great job coming up with this new scent. So, even though it wasn't my favorite scent for a man, it got four thumbs up from the men who tested it. It's four against one. Hilfiger wins.

ed. note: Hilfiger, the newest scent for men from Tommy Hilfiger, is currently available exclusively at Macy's and Hilfiger will be available in department stores nationwide beginning in December.
Kim Moshtaghi
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