Santa Maria Novella Angels of Florence Cologne: Shop for a Cause

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Santa Maria Novella Angels of Florence Cologne
Santa Maria Novella
Angels of Florence Cologne

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Florence is my absolute favorite place in the world. If you've never been there, there is really no way to explain how magical the city really is. I only spent one summer in Florence and I am completely smitten with the entire city. Florence inspires such devotion in all who visit that there is actually a special Italian term for homesickness that applies just to being homesick for Florence: nostalgia del cupolone (homesick for the dome).

As you can imagine, I jump at any chance to support one of the charities working hard to preserve Florence. Like this lovely Angels of Florence cologne from Florentine staple Santa Maria Novella. This scent was created in 2006 to honor the 40th anniversary of the 1966 flood that shattered Florence and it benefits Angels of Florence, a non profit organization that works to restore places and artifacts damaged by the flood. A gorgeous scent and a good cause all wrapped up in one pretty package.

Click on the photo to link directly to where you can purchase the Santa Maria Novella Angels of Florence cologne. Grazie mille!