Work Chic: Banana Republic Chainlink Tie Top

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Women: Chainlink tie-neck top - Black combo
Chainlink Tie-Neck Top

$29.99 (was $44-- save 32%!)
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Finding the perfect pencil skirt or pair of wide leg trousers is hard enough. Now that you've got them, what are you going to pair them with? Like a lot of women, I tend to concentrate on locating those wardrobe items that are nearly impossible to find in a perfect fit-- trousers, body-skimming skirts, etc.-- and totally forget to keep an eye out for chic tops and sweaters that will make the outfit. This stylishly classic Chainlink Tie-Neck Top from Banana Republic is just that kind of top.

Classy and work appropriate on its own, this silky top would look even more amazing worn under a partially buttoned cardigan. The chainlink detail gives off an upscale vibe, no doubt due to the strong association between chainlink and luxury labels such as Gucci and Tiffany & Co. This Banana Republic chainlink pattern is far enough away from those iconic patterns to avoid looking like a knock-off, but still close enough to evoke that luxe feeling. And, at 32% off the already super affordable price, this work chic top is a steal.

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