Fabulous New Features at Stiletto Jungle

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm always trying to think up new ways to make Stiletto Jungle more fun, more informative, and just plain better all around. Living in the San Francisco bay area-- the undisputed heart of online innovation-- I'm never at a loss for ideas. It's just a matter of choosing a new feature an investing the time to get it up and running. Well, after a lot of debate and testing, I've picked two brand new Stiletto Jungle features that I absolutely love and I hope you will too!

First, we've introduced article rating and recommendations. We've been testing it for a couple of months, but it will now be a permanent feature. Be sure to leave a rating for the articles you like (or don't like). Not only does your rating tell us what's working and what isn't, but your ratings help to create personalized recommendations of other Stiletto Jungle articles you might like. So please, rate away!

Also, we've just upgraded our commenting system. Our new and improved comments allow you to create a profile that will follow you across some of the top blogs and websites on the internet-- 45,000 of them, in fact-- and interact as a community with your fellow Stiletto Jungle readers. Also, the new commenting system has some fabulous new features such as threaded comments, email and mobile commenting, video commenting, and more. Please stop by, leave a comment or two, and see what you think.

I'd love to hear what you think about these two new features, and what additional features you'd like to see here at Stiletto Jungle-- go ahead and leave a comment and let me know.

Happy Holidays and have a fabulous New Year!

-- Stephanie